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Setup: Add a budget





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Feedback from our clients tells us that many clients would like a simple budgeting feature.


One suggestion was to enter in either a monthly, quarterly or yearly budgeted figure for each account and then a report to print at intervals to see how the actual expenses are comparing.





Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2017

Hi everyone,


Thank you very much for your interest in this idea. Essentials Accounting has been improved with the budgeting feature, more details can be found in this blog: 


Get better insights into your business


Kind regards,


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Thank you for your feedback @OMSKathy 


Essentials started as a simple Accounting package aiming for small businesses and sole traders. It has definitely come a long way since then, and our developers will continue to bring out improvements. 


Budget would be a very handy feature to have in Essentials, anyone else wish to see this function please keep the votes/comments coming.

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We have over 100 clients who are currently using old versions of MYOB Accounting (i.e. not on a subscription basis, and no longer under MYOB cover).  None of them are prepared to continue their cover or to move to an essentials subscription without the capability of reporting actuals against budget.  We absolutely support this position.  Surely budget monitoring is an ESSENTIAL tool in running a business successfully, regardless of the business size, structure or level of subscription.  Are there any qualified accountants in MYOB's development team?

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Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!  Nobody can run a successful business, no matter how small without monitoring and managing their budget.  It is an "ESSENTIAL" tool of management.  If I have an accounting package, why would I want to then have to take the figures out of that and add them into something else to allow me to undertake this essential management task?  It takes twice as long as it used to in the old MYOB where I could enter my budgets once for the year (and spread across the year) and then run a budget analysis report at the push of a button.

We need a budget feature NOW!

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I have been using MYOB Essentials in my small business for just on 12 months.  The reporting in most aspects though really lets the entire package down.


ESPECIALLY the lack of budgeting tools.  The budgeting functionality is essential in running a small business well.  Perhaps a few less easy on the eye over simplified graphics through the package overall and a whole lot more accounting would be step in the right direction.  


I would ask too that you include it as an update to the 'Essentials' package as your competitors already have it and right at this moment I am looking into their products and deciding whether or not I will switch packages. One wonders why MYOB does not consider an easy to use budgeting tool for small - medium businesses 'ESSENTIAL'. 

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Hi @UCA@MAE75 & @PaulD77


Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.  I have shared your collected thoughts in regards to budgeting with the team.

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I've added my vote to this.  Comaparison to a budget is essential and would enhance the current Essentials package enormously.  Win for us the users, but also a win for MYOB as it becomes a HUGE selling point.


Please develop!

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Please Please add a Budget tool, as the lack of this is making me retink the programme,

I returned to MYOB from another online program and find the lack of a budget and the ability to have a this year comparison to last year PNL & BS a major drawback. 


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Hi there @PlayAnarchy and @Kat1963,


Thank you for sharing your comments, and for your votes.


Given MYOB Essentials was initially meant to be a simplistic product, it does lack certain features that would benefit a lot of clients in running their business. However, we have grown and expanded the product and it's capabilities since, and will hopefully continue introducing new functions, such as budgeting ability, that would improve on the user experience of the software.


Anyone else who would like to see this implemented into MYOB Essentials, please cast your vote by clicking on the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.





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After three years of saying this under consideration, how can you not have it implemented yet Smiley Sad

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Hi Mathew,


There are so many posts about the lack of forecast/budgetting that the votes are too thin. This is a funciton that has been talked about for 4 years. Your competitors already have it. the choice for me is to stay with essentials and fail to have this funciton, or upgrade to your larger product that is inferior in many ways or move to a competitor product. You don't want to drive sales away from your more profitable product, but you don't want me moving to competitor either. PLEASE bring in budgets.