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Setup: Add a budget





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Feedback from our clients tells us that many clients would like a simple budgeting feature.


One suggestion was to enter in either a monthly, quarterly or yearly budgeted figure for each account and then a report to print at intervals to see how the actual expenses are comparing.





Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2017

Hi everyone,


Thank you very much for your interest in this idea. Essentials Accounting has been improved with the budgeting feature, more details can be found in this blog: 


Get better insights into your business


Kind regards,


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Will MYOB Liveaccounts ever have budgeting?

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We are waiting on the SDK so we can integrate our budgeting and cashflow forecasting with LiveAccounts - sometime in the next couple of months was the last rumour I heard but I haven't seen anything definite yet



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I too woudl like to see budgetting in Live.  Any updates now...well past the months previously mentioned  Smiley Very Happy

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This would be a great help..!

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It would be great to have a budgeting tool to be able to put in either fortnightly or monthly expences.


Great way to see the everyday out goings and not just the invoice that come in here and there.


Smiley Happy

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I think it would be a good idea to have the capacity to do budgets in LiveAccounts

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A simple monthly budget would be a very valuable tool for our clients.  At the moment we have to do a speadsheet outside of MYOB Liveaccounts.  Implementing a budget for each income and expense account would cut out this double handling and allow the reports to be even more useful.


Is there any plans of adding budgets to MYOB Liveaccounts soon?

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Need GL Account Budgeting fast.

Have seveal community organisation clients who use LiveAaccounts and have asked me to prepare acquittals (reports matching actuals to budget) for govt grants.


Would also likke an upgrade line from LiveAccounts to AccountRight Plus Live.


Meantime, am recommending my new community organisation clients to use AccountRight Plus 2013 Live.


Kym Yeoward CPA


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I have been using MYOB Live accounts for past 2 years, and although new features have been implemented there is still no budgeting/forecasting/cashflow overview report, something which even small business can't do without.


I have been using a spreadsheet but all this manual entering, formulas etc etc makes it time consuming and prone to mistakes.


Any progress on such a feature? It's definitely on top of my wishlist!


Thx, Y

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MYOB Staff
Thanks for your suggestion, budgeting is something we are happy to consider to be part of a future update of LiveAccounts, To see the demand for this feature and the priority that is put on it is based on the votes for the idea, so if this is something you would like to see, please remember to press the vote button in the top left of the page.