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Setup: BAS Preparation

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Hi there


At the moment MyobLive doesn't seem to have much automated functionalityfor BAS. 


Given that the system already calcuates the BAS it seems really odd that the user has to manually create a spend journal or a reversal to allocate GST Paid, Collected, PAYG instalment etc, and also fill in the ATO forms.  Surely this could all be automated, afterall it's the most confusing thing for small business and the one where MYOB already does much of the heavy lifting (in my case, the main reason for using the package in the first place).




"BAS Preparation"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows users to lodge their BAS online. Check out Lodge your activity statement for more information.

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I also agree - I think I was spoilt as I had previously for years used AccountEdge Pro and have just started using Essentials.  I do miss this automated functionality.

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It is now over 2 years since this was raised....   what is going on.


How difficult is it to create file a few bytes in size and send it to the ATO who HAVE THE FACILITY to read the file, you have almost double the cost of subscibing to MYOB Essentials for what reason... because you can, you have done nothing on this topic, why because you can....



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It is over two years since this was raised, and it was even promised in 2013?


The subs for MYOB Essentialss has almost doubled, when will someone get arounf to implementng SBR.  it's not rocket science

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THis would definitley be a great functionality added

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Yeah, do it

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I would like to see the addition of an option to include the PAYG tax witheld to complete this section on your BAS. Having to produce two reports to complete my BAS seems a little silly.

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Yes I just read another post about Electronic lodgement and it indicated 2015, we are almost into 2016
The handshake software is not that hard, and this would be such a great feature 

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 This is just so frustrating that I only find this out now and not when I was sold the product.


I now have to do this function manually. Most small business cannot afford to have their accountants to do their monthly BASPAYG so when the product doesnt do the one thing that is mandatory then what is the point of the product.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD BASLINK TO ESSENTIALS 

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Hi all,


Our product development team would like to invite you to be one of the first to pilot a new service, between MYOB and the ATO, to make completing and lodging your BAS much simpler and faster.


With this service you’ll be able to complete and lodge your BAS without leaving your MYOB software. Before you register please ensure you meet the following criteria:   


  • You are authorized to lodge BAS on behalf of your business.
  • You lodge either quarterly BAS or Monthly IAS for your business
  • You are required to lodge on your next lodgement period (some activity statements don’t require lodgement unless you are varying the installment amount)

If you are interested in participating, please click Join to give us a little more info about yourself so we can put you in the correct user testing group.


Thank you once again for your votes and comments on this idea. We are keen to make this feature available to you.

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Agree 100%