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Setup: Exporting data




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There is no option to export data which is a disaster for my business as I need users details etc for other purposes. When will the simple ability to export and control MY data be avbailable?

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Last Changed: May 2014

Thank you for your suggestion. Export to Excel options are available on many of the Reports in Live Accounts, adding this option to more of them is certainly something that we would be happy to consider. Please remember to vote for this idea if you would also like to see this added in.

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Hi MYOB Team

I would like to export Trial Balance in Excel (xls or xlsx) format. Please work on this as soon as possible.

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Hi there @Nishith,


Thank you for the vote and comment.


We are hoping to extend the exporting capabilities in MYOB Essentials to cover a wider range, and can definitely see the option to export the Trial Balance report being one that a lot of clients would like to see in the software.


Anyone else who would like to see a wider range of exporting functions in MYOB Essentials, please do vote by clicking on the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.




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re contact export to excel

I'm stunned.  I assumed this fundmental 'feature' would be part of the software.  I've just bought MYOB and I am currently loading the contacts details.  I wanted to print the contacts list to check address accuracy - can't do it.  I can't pdf a full contacts list within MYOB and I can't export to excel to get around that shortfall.  This is very frustrating.  To be able to print your complete contacts listing should be a standard procedure.  When will this change be done?

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Hi @Russell02,


Thank you for your comment and vote.


At the moment you can only print the contact list by running the Contacts report, which displays name, type, phone number and email addresses only. 


It would be a nice feature to export a full contact list from MYOB Essentials Accounting, I have passed the feedback to the relevant team for consideration.


Kind regards


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Could you please consider allowing MYOB essentials export chart of accounts into a text file or excel file.


This will allow us to set up additional companies with similar charts.




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We have recently added a new name underwhich we are trading. We would love to contact our customers that have an email address registered with us, in one go, to let them know of this change and pass on the story about it. At first I searched MYOB for this function, Email contacts or create Newsletter... but found I needed to do it individually...then to find that this is 'on the mind' of the decision makers and has been there for over two years, was a surprise. If the system is good enough, people wont flee just because they have the function to export their details. Have faith in your own product.

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MYOB Staff

Hello @ArcherDave,


As Essentials Accounting is a basic accounting program it doesn't include any correspondence features for mass e-mailing your client base.  However, I am certain you will be relieved to hear that there is means by which you can export your contact information directly from your account in order to use it with an email client for a mass email notification.  From Reports > Business reports > Contacts, generate your contact list and then open the *.PDF in word to retrieve the email addresses.


I hope that is a workable solution for you in the meantime.


Warm regards,


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I find this a pain point for myself and the handful of clients I have using MYOB Essentials. Would love to see this implemented soon to assist with external contact management.


Would make it easier to export, fix up and re-import for things like the Taxable Payments Annual Report where often clients don't have all the contact info when they add the transaction but come end of year they do and need to bulk process.

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I note above you've mentioned that in June you have released a free migration service for people moving from AccountRight to Essentials - but I'm wondering why that way around?  


It's far more likely that people will want to move from the more basic Essentials package to the more functional AR Live package, not the other way around.


Most (if not all) other accounting software providers are offering conversion to/from anything, however I've discovered while trying to upgrade a client from Essentials to AR Live that I have to do the whole migration manually.  This is not very useful.



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Hi @Jo_Bryant


Thank you for your feedback in regards to migrating data. 

I assume you are referring to the MYOB Migration Services. If so, you are correct we offer a solution of moving data from AccountRight or AccountEdge to MYOB Essentials. At this stage we are still looking into a migration service from MYOB Essentials to AccountRight, however we don't have a time frame in regards to when clients will be able to migrate from MYOB Essentials to AccountRight directly.