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Setup: Paypal Feeds

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Any chance of having Paypal feeds as well as the bank feeds 




"Paypal Feeds"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: June 2016

Hi everyone,


For some time now we have worked with the team at PayPal to provide a transaction feed. Whilst both parties still hope to do so in the future, at this stage we cannot reach a satisfactory commercial arrangement.


We will provide an update on this forum, when the status changes.



Suja Pillai

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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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I would also like to add my vote to MYOB implementing Bank Feeds from PayPal.

This is a critical component for a Charity I run and is currently causing a massive burden on our Treasurer.
I plead with MYOB to implement this feature into MYOB Essentials, as our only other alternative is to drop MYOB and move to XERO as they offer this as a standard feature.

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I suggest strongly to add Paypal bank feeds to MYOB Essentials and Accountright online.


We have income streams via our bank account and Paypal. Our customers are using Paypal more and more. Telstra is allowing payments via Paypal. Xero has Paypal feeds as a standard facility.


Its not a new idea, but it's a good idea.



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I have battled with Xero for 12 months and want to come back to MYOB at the start of this FYr but NEED PayPal bank feeds. How long will I have to wait, I am not shifting unless it is very close.

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Suprised and disappointed to see that automatic PayPal feeds are still "under consideration". I too would find this a valuable feature.

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Thank you for all your comments and votes. We have some great news. MYOB and PayPal are working on a project to provide PayPal feeds.

We will be back to you shortly with further details including the timing for delivery the feed. 

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Hi there,


Is there any estimate on a timeframe for the PayPal bank feeds to be implemented?




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Hi @KaitlynGriffin 


We will update this post as soon as we have details.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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PayPal API OFX Writer is still available in the interim to use.

PS. MYOB, you can get in touch with the developer of the above program to help with your implementation.

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Thank you for the offer, @nepaluz. I've passed on your details to our developers. 

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Yes please, another vote for Paypal feeds! We use paypal for probably 75% of our business payments. This is both for receiving payments from local customers and paying overseas suppliers.