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Setup: Prepare Bank deposit feature




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For more than seven years I used I used the desktop version of MYOB. It has the VERY USEFUL "Prepare Bank Deposit". I was convinced to use MYOB Essentials as it would allow me to get invoicing done quicker but with the current TAKE PAYMENTS issue and the lack of the Prepare Bank Deposit, I'm considering going BACK to the OLD FASHIONED way. PLEASE FIX THIS or else I'm going to have to pay my bookkeeper again to do the Historical Balancing when converting FROM the cloud based system BACK to the Old Fashioned way. If you ask me, you shouldn't have ever taken out the most useful function in transfering money from one account to another.


I know I can do it using Journal Entries but really.... every time I do it, I have to refer to previous entries so I know what column to put each enty in (CR/DR)


"prepare bank deposit"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @qwerty. It would be efficient for Essentials to have a Prepare Bank Deposit feature like AccountRight. Other users who are interested in this being implemented into the product, please cast your vote here.

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Hi, Very new to Essentials (have moved from Account Edge) but can we not get a bank deposit sheet that says how much in total we need to bank? So if customers pay a combination of cash and cheques, how do we know the exact figure to bank? I understand that we put all the transactions into the undeposited funds account then transfer them over with the bank feeds, but with a wad of cash, how do I know how much it should total? Thanks

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I have just moved to Essentials from the old version and this is another example of dumbing down a new release. Why??

As the official response states "It would be efficient for Essentials to have a Prepare Bank Deposit feature like AccountRight." then if it is more efficient, why has it not been implemented by now? I can see 21 votes but that is not necessarily an indication of the frustration experienced by users of Essentials. Most users don't have time to go to Community forums to lodge requests, they just get on with it and put up with the inefficiency, which is confirmed by MYOB, where they say "it would be efficient for Essentials...".


Please fix this, otherwise I agree with the OP - I will have to look to going back to my PC version.