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Setup: Recurring transactions in MYOB Essentials




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Good morning


Could you kindly advise if the following items are possible in LiveAccounts - or can be added to the development list?


- Can we have recurring transactions for sales, bills, spend money & receive money


Thank you



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

Thank you for showing your support and feedback for this idea

I'm pleased to announce that recurring transactions are a feature that is available in the newer MYOB Essentials platform.  You can find more information about this function in Help Article: Recurring transactions.

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I agree absolutely, this is essential for customers who pay Monthly, Quarterly or Annually and is the big item I miss from AccountEdge.

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Can we please get an update as to when this function is going to be live?

By the looks of things, it's been sitting on the planning list for quite a few years...

Without this tool, I for one will be very carefully considering moving to a platform that DOES have this option - like Xero...or Saasu... or just about any other platform that exists...

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I don't undeerstamd why you didn't use recurring transactions in myob essentials i would think it would be great if you could do this soon.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you very much for all your comments and votes on this idea. We understand that being able to set up recurring transactions in MYOB Essentials is important for many of you.


As you can imagine, this is a big job and the team wants to ensure that they provide the best solution for you. This unfortunately means that this feature may not be available until sometime next year.


We request that you keep your votes coming. And we will continue to pass on your comments and feedback to our developers.



Suja Pillai

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I assumed, like many others as I am discovering, that getting an online package would be simpler.... well, no! Not being able to have recurring transactions is a disaster, especially considering in business that a lot of outgoings go to the same suppliers, it would be a HUGE time saver if the only thing we had to change were some dates and $$$ amounts. PLEASE establish the recurring transaction function to the online Essential Package.

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It has been some 3years since your company was asked in regards to recurring transactions. Has this been implemented yet? Or have i overlooked it?


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 I have just signed up for a 1 month free trial and I am so glad I haven't proceeded further because upon entering my first month's expenses I am amazed to see there is no recurring transaction functinality! Worse still, that this has been a suggested feature for FOUR years and yet it is still not available. Given that many people using this software will be Small business owners working from home and claiming home office expenses, this seems to me to be a basic functionality requirement! I certainly do NOT want to have to enter generals journals for Mortgage Interest, Electric, Phone, Internet, Rates and Insurance from scratch EVERY month!


I am so disappointed and will not be proceeding with MYOB.

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How can a modern cloud accounting solution NOT have a recurring journals function?? Well MYOB Essentials doesn't!!


I'm a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice and don't do hard core accounting/bookkeeping work very often - my work is mainly taxation, advice & complaince related.


But recently I took on the position as Treasurer of our local Chamber of Commerce and was delighted to see that records were being kept via MYOB Essentials. Ahhh Automation!!!!


BUT the one major downfall is the lack of a recurring journals feature. Hardly a new idea and should be added ASAP. Whether its recurring journals or recurring invoices or something else, the feature is essential to be as efficient as possible!!



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You will be waiting....

MYOB doesn't believe in rushing things.  As you can see this has been on the "development" for the past four years!

Just shows that they don't really listen to their customers.

I am sure that it is not that hard - they have it in all other packages.


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It abosulutely baffles me that an on-line accounting system does not allow you automatically generate repeat invoices.  I invoice my client once per month for the same amount and now have to manually enter them.  I used to be on Xero which had this function but was recommended to switch by my accountant. Did I make the wrong decision?