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Setup: Show session countdown for inactivity




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Could we please have a Session Countdown (similar to websites of banks & super funds) where there is a visible count down of the time remaining on your session before automatic logout occurs. This would improve the workflow of admin/accounting personnel who need to deal with a lot of paperwork inbetween use of the system & they could keep an eye on their session & activate it if it is getting close to the expiry time and not lose any work.


"Session Countdown"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2014

Thanks for your suggestion for adding a timeout counter. This is certainly something that could be useful and we can look into adding in a future update. Some votes to show the demand from the community on this would be great so we can see how many people would also like to see it. Also is a timer what you would like or perhaps a pop up when you've got a couple minutes left, as this might be more noticeable when working on other things.

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Ever started writing an invoice and got distracted, only to return to finish the invoice and find it has timed out and disappears when the page refreshes?

How hard would it be to make the page save before timeout or sleep mode activates or a prompt when you accidentally hit the back arrow "do you want to save?" Life is too short to re-enter details unnecessarily!!

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This is well overdue. I've seen a post dating back to 2014 with this recommendation....


This is an expensive accounting platform and it doesn't have basic - last century - autosave. I've lost hours on quotes that have disappeared after being auto logged out. One of which just happened!


Pick up your game MYOB, im sure its an easy fix. I mean you can auto save this comment im about to make...