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Setup: Upgrade path to AccountRight




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Please develop an export/import facility between LiveAccounts and AccountRight Live. It shouldn't be that hard.


"Upgrade Path LiveAccounts to AccountRight Live"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: May 2015

Thank you very much for your suggestion.


An easier upgrade path from MYOB Essentials Accounting to AccountRight is definitely something our developers are considering to introduce. We would love to hear everyone's feedback, If you are interested in this idea please show your support by casting your vote and leave suggestions below if required.

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I,m in a dilema I am in the throws of changing bookkeepers who uses receipt bank and has suggested we export my MYOB essentials file to either Xero or another version of MYOB to be able to use Receipt Bank.  Also my new distributor uses Xero and now handles my invoicing so needs to tie in with his accounting.  Does anyone know if it is possible to export my file without having to do it manually and if any other MYOB software can use receipt bank (you take photos and upload to receipt bank which recons to your bank account - saves manual entries - trying to save on bookkeeping fees and bookkeeper time! thanks very much

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Contributing Partner

So many of my small business customers start out with MYOB Essentials as a good basic online bookkeeping solution, but as they grow they require more functionality. They then wish to upgrade to AccountRight products, but there is no way of transferring balances, supplier card files, customer card files, employee, customer and supplier history etc. between the two and it has to be done manually and great cost and is very time consuming. This opens the door for them to then say to me "Well if i have to start a new file from scratch with MYOB, I might as well look around at other software alternatives as well". Not good for MYOB I wouldn't think. PLEASE DEVELOP A DATA MIGRATION FROM ESSENTIALS TO ACCOUNTRIGHT!

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I would really like to see a migration function for Essentials to AccountRight.

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You should be able to tranfer data from Essentials to accountright. You are making an upgrade which costs more and you have to loose all your data.

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In May 2015 there was the comment "An easier upgrade path from MYOB Essentials Accounting to AccountRight is definitely something our developers are considering to introduce."  Its now September 2021 - so thats more than 6 years later and still nothing has been done.  Come on MYOB!

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For the life of me I can't understand why you cannot upgrade an MYOB Essential client file to Accountright Live.


It would be much better for MYOB as it means consistency of clients where they can move from one programme to another to accommodate the growth of the business as well as MYOB clients where they can upgrade their clients to the next level of MYOB, to me it's a no-brainer.


Because of this lack of feature MYOB Essentials has always been an inferior product, although I love MYOB Accountright live I wouldn't ever recommend any of my clients to go onto Essentials, because if they do need to upgrade they can accuse me of not looking after their benefits, but my own - in terms of having to setup their business again into the next level of MYOB.


This really needs to be rectified, as MYOB would be loosing a lot of customers because of this.