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Setup: Windows phone app

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Would be great if MYOB can make a Windows phone 8.1 app...or even better a Widnows 10 app (since it will be universal across all W10 devices).




"'Windows phone app"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi @RememberMS 

Thanks for the clarification

I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to see the MYOB OnTheGo work on Windows mobile device to vote and comment if required. 

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Hi @Kentrepid

Thank you for voting for this idea and providing your feedback. I've shared your thoughts with the team.

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I will be starting up my business by the end of this year and I am hunting an accounting service/program at the moment. I really need a windows phone app as I will be onsite everyday and will be using a phone 95% of the time as my main device for business use. i will be going with what ever company that supports windows phone by the end of the year.



It is much easier to develope windows 10 apps now if you already have android and ios apps.


Please make an app!

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Windows 10 Phone app would be great please do it and stop dragging your heals


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We would also appreciate a Windows 10 phone app. The MYOB website currently complains that Edge on windows 10 phone is too old?? And recommends using Chrome, not really an option.