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Spend money: Ability to take a photo of receipts and attach to transaction

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I'd like the ability to take a photo of receipts and then attach them to the transaction in the banking screen.  This will make it really easy for businesses to keep their records and also will help bookkeepers and accountants when working on their client's file.


I've got a few clients who would really benefit from this as they are constantly travelling and loosing the actual receipts.  It will also save the accountants asking for copies of invoices if they are already attached to the transaction.


I've recently spoken with a couple of people who raved about this functionality that their online software provider has and it would be great if MYOB's customers could do the same.


"Ability to take a photo of receipts and attach to transaction (via app?)"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2019

Hi All,


Thank you to those that helped participate in our Beta, now that MYOB Capture has been fully released to both Android and iOS - we are happy to mark this Idea as Done.


Please also feel free to check out our collected FAQ's surrounding MYOB Capture on this post: MYOB Capture FAQs - Turn your phone into a receipt scanner




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I love this idea.


I have a lot of trouble with my client always losing receipts.  If he could quickly use an app to take a photo of all receipts that I can then access through the Live Accounting website that would make my life so much easier.


It's also great for working remotely with clients.  I can cut down on my own travel time.

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Many thanks for the suggestion. We encourage other users who would like this functionality to add their votes and comments.
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A great idea, but I see it being a difficult thing to implement mainly around controlling the file size, and file types, and obvious internet speed and server capacity issues.

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I would like to be able to attach an image file of the work I have produced, to remind the client what they are paying for.

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I would like to see the ability to attach an image to accountright platform, would make life so much easier than manually going back through folders to find something

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Would it be possible to be able to do this with the On the Go app too? Currently it's possible with Expensify (as shown in the following Youtube clip).


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For me to be trully hassel free in my business, I dont not always have time to scan documents, specially those small nasty petrol receipts which I lose quite regularly.


It your be amazing if you could develp a feature in your onthego app "seeings we are onthego" to pull out your smart phone and take a photo of your receipt which will automatically upload onto your MYOB essentials in tray. 


So the problem with this is that a photo is too large of a file to upload and "lug around".

So you will have to create a Picture to PDF converter inside the feature of your APP to reduce the size of the file.


Then after that we can maybe discuss the idea of being able to add more than one file to your bill, for when you recieve 1-100 page invoice documents 


This would be an amazing feature if you could incorperate it into your business you would be a true market leader.


Kind Regards,

Adam Lang



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Hi @AdamAGSL


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials.

I've merged your idea with this one already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

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I am managing another business on another online bookeeping product which has this feature.  It is infinately helpful for (to quote @AdamAGSL) those nasty petrol receipts.  Smiley Happy


Even if they were scanned and just sent to the very helpful "Inbox" (where my scanned invoices go) it would be easy to process them from there into bank transactions.

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Another request for improvement of Essentials version:


1)  It would be great to be able to attach multiple PDFs to an invoice.  My client wants to capture not only the invoice but any other papers associated with the payment (eg Insurance policy details with seprate letter of offer, plus bank confirmation of payment, etc).


2)  Also why can't we attach a document to a "Spend Money" transaction ?  That would be really handy !!