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Spend money: Attach documents





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Hi MYOB Team,


I was delighted about the announcment of the new In Tray feature offered by Essentials - an extremely sensible and practical solution to storing invoices against a transaction.


However, I was disappointed when I learned that you can only do this for "Bills". I think many people would be pleased if this functionality could be expanded to include all transaction types.


For example, if I go to the petrol station and pay for petrol, I still receive a tax invoice. I would like to be able to scan this and upload it to In Tray and then link it to a "Spend Money" transaction.


I hope you will be able to accomodate this request, otherwise people will not be readily able to move away from a paper based record keeping system.


Kind regards,




"Expand In Tray Feature to all transaction types"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2019

Hi Everyone

Thank you for voting and showing your support for this idea.

We have released the ability to attach documents to your Spend Money Transactions. This is done through the Attachments button before dragging and dropping the relevant file. 

For more information on this feature do please see Link attachments to your Spend money transactions

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Hello @soko 

The invoice recognition hasn't been setup in a way so as to tie it to one particular invoice format. It has been setup to handle invoices in a generic way. This is a very complicated task to setup. The invoice recognition will improve moving forward.

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 I recently had the same problem as Soko. Out of 6 different supplier invoices, it recognised the name on 1 and the amount payable on a different 1 and that is it. Considering I had to spend time uploading the invoices to Intray, it took longer using the Intray function that would have if I just manually entered them. 


Very disappointed with a feature that has been heavily spruiked as being a big time saver!

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Hi @Chantal76,

Thank you for your feedback. The OCR technology used to read the contents of the scanned document learns and improves as it goes. Therefore the more documents that you upload the smarter it gets. Over a period of time you will notice that it reads a lot more of the information on the scanned document. Having said that I have passed on your feedback to the team.

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Agree with the need to have intray for all sales, job sheets, other documents related to sales. Eg contract. All receipts.  Upgraded to new 2015 version  accountright. Was hoping for more capability. This current system is creating two paperless filing systems one within  MYOB and another still needed outside of it.   Creates confusion and reluctance with Workflow and staff training.

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Hello @Maree_C , yes having both sides of the sales and purcheases would be most helpful and have less confusion with paper work. I encourage more people to select the Vote+ button and leave your comments. 

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Would like to see the intray feature being added to the sales tab. We often have drawings of products and/ or invoices which relate to a sale. would be AWESOME to have these linked!!Smiley Happy

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Please, it makes perfect sense to add this ability

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 A few of us have been asking for the feature to be added to spend money for a while...good to see you have already got 30 votes.  The majority of my smaller businesses using essentials are on a cash basis and they have taken a long time putting in rules to automatically allocate their would be good if the invoices could be matched up to those or simply allocated as a spend money if not already allocated.


This is a must have feature for the intray to be of any use to clients working on a cash basis.



PS the comment about keeping petrol receipts also highlights the need for myob to create a scanning app....that is automatically configured to send it or transfer it into the in tray. No problems with being to big to large, being sent from wrong email address, sent to the worng email address.  Such apps are a dime a dozen on the app stores but they are difficult to configure to automatically send to an email address using the right email address with the right size file and format.

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Hi @JamesSullivan

Thank you for voting and providing your feedback in regards to this idea.

Just in regards to your comments relating to an App that allows for the documents to be uploaded to the In Tray. Currently you can take a photo using the camera of your device and email it through to the In Tray's email address. This will allow for that document to be uploaded to the your Essentials file. The email address in which you can send the image to would be (or if you are a New Zealand client)

Please note when sending via email, attachments have the following limits:

  • Files up to 5mb can be uploaded - if the client attempts to upload a larger file, it will be rejected. This file size limit may be subject to change in the future.
  • 10 documents can be attached on an email.
  •  All HTML and Text in emails is ignored.
  • If you have multiple Essential files, you are unable to use the Send to Bills option for the In Tray. As this is because it is unable to work out what company file to upload the document to

For more information into upload a document to the In Tray please see Help Article: Uploading supplier invoices


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An alternative if MYOB is reluctant to expand the InTray is to use which is a great template of how these things can work well - its compabtible with Xero and other cloud systems but not MYOB I think. I hope MYOB can give customers some visibility of any intention to expand InTray as Essentials is otherwise pretty spot on for my needs.