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Spend money: Upload receipts




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SImilar to the in tray idea, can we get the ability to link scanned receipts as PDFs to spend money so we have reliable records in one place at tax time.


"Upload Receipts for Spend Money"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2019

Hi Everyone

Thank you for voting and showing your support for this idea.

We have released the ability to attach documents to your Spend Money Transactions. This is done through the Attachments button before dragging and dropping the relevant file. 

For more information on this feature do please see Link attachments to your Spend money transactions

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Thanks for your great suggestion @datasphere  Anyone who would like to see the scanned receipts linked to spend money transactions, please cast your vote here.

There is another idea exchange post where other users have also requested that the in tray feature be expanded to all transaction types. I strongly recommend that you also vote for and comment on this suggestion here:

Expand In Tray Feature to all Transaction Types

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for risk management issues with having ones accounting on line & only being able to access if one has an internet connection, we also need to be able to backup the scanned documents to office computers.

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I'm thinking this one never got off the ground. As I've just got MYOB Eseentials and you cant upload receipts to spend money yet. I would love to see this happen.

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A little pointless having only some documents scanned.  It should definately be all bills whether input through Purchases or Spend Money.  It should also be for money received in the same way i.e. ability to scan Recipient Created Tax Invoices or Receive Money transactions.  That way there is no need to keep hard copies other than a working file for the current year or maybe two and the rest can be shredded.




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December 2014 was last notification that this was under consideration? any update on being able to attach documents to spend money facility?

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Excellent idea - saves keying in the bill for smaill purchases.

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Would be great to upload receipts and match in the banking transactions page.  Most of my 'purchases' are small fuel and parking receipts which I can code directly in bank transactions.  Allowing the linking of the receipts in here would help at tax time to keep all recepits and purchases together.

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I would love that to happen!

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I note this suggestion was first made years ago, and I'm wondering why it can't be done.  It seems like such a good idea when you are paying a bill to be able to link an image of the bill to the transaction.  MYOB says "why not go paperless?"  My question is how do I do that if you don't improve your system?

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Can we please get this happening as its a zero function and would save sooo much time as so many receipts are emailed now in addition to supplier invoices