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Spend money: Upload receipts




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SImilar to the in tray idea, can we get the ability to link scanned receipts as PDFs to spend money so we have reliable records in one place at tax time.


"Upload Receipts for Spend Money"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2019

Hi Everyone

Thank you for voting and showing your support for this idea.

We have released the ability to attach documents to your Spend Money Transactions. This is done through the Attachments button before dragging and dropping the relevant file. 

For more information on this feature do please see Link attachments to your Spend money transactions

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Not sure why we can't upload a document to a 'Spend Money' entry.  I use this function every time I enter a purchase from a supplier already set up in my contacts but can't do this with a spend money, such things as phone bills, vehicle toll statement, fuel statements etc.. Please add this function.

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Any update on this 'under consideration' post?

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for voting and commenting on the idea. We are working closely with the MYOB Essentials product development team to get most of these ideas implemented into the software, however at this stage, the development team are still working out the resources required, and no timeframe has been provided.


As always, we do encourage everyone who would like to see this idea in the software to vote by clicking on the thumbs up icon (if you haven't already).





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Its crazy that you can't link scanned receipts to spend money transactions.  All my clients are small business and do not use the purchases option, they simply post their income and expenses directly from the bank statements allocating via rules.  I have a client in the food catering business and they often have purchases with combinations of GST and GST free products, so the receipt needs to be viewed to enter the GST correctly, so this process would be far easier if the receipt can simply be attached to the transaction so it can easily be reviewed and amended as needed.

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This function would be awesome for those of us that load all transactions for the business straight from the bank statements and don't enter them via purchases. For small business, the option to have everything eletronically stored would be awesome!!

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Needs a lot of upgrades to compete with Xero

Contemplating moving software 

need purchase orders aswell

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xero has had this for ages

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Yes, strongly considering moving to Xero for this feature, among many others.  Not all businesses use purchase option many use cash payment, thus spend money function being used for all business purchase transactions

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This feature is available in Xero and I would think for the sake of competitiveness it would be a priority.

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This would be a huge advantage when recording fuel dockets.  If it could be added to the On the Go App that would also help immensely.