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Statements: Ability to personalise statement (i.e. add Logo)

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Please can we have the ability to customise our forms, invoices and statements etc? I want to be able to include my logo on my statements. I'd love to be able to add to my invoices a paypal (or other) web address for people wanting to pay by credit card. I'd like to be able to change the wording on emailed invoices. Arrrgh. So frustrating!


'MYOB LIVE customised forms and templates ... my way!"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

The ability to personalise invoices and statements and add Payment Options / How to pay section has been delivered. For more information please refer to Essentials blog article improved customer statements today

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Is there a forms capability on Live Accounts? I need to print invoices with different content - terms, pro-forma etc. I tried calling MYOB but after listening to music for 30 mins I hung up.

Is this normal for MYOB - it's been difficult for thew last 2 weeks to get any support at all?

Maybe I should go to Xero.

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Thanks for your feedback. Adding more form customisation options is something that we're looking at adding in the future. If this is something that you need now, then you might want to look into our AccountRight range of products which does have this available already.
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Was very dissapointed when it came time to use the invoice template designs in MYOB Essentials.

There are many other customisable invoicing systems online that seem to work well, many of them free.


Also not having Paypal functions and such is also limiting for small business,

other services provide clickable links directly to PayPal which is very encouraging to get clients to pay invoices earlier.


As a designer its embarassing that im often designing cool invoice templates for clients and then my own looks very generic and limited. 


MYOB Essentials is a great system to use but i already know if other colleagues who have chosen other alternatives because the invoicing templates were lacking. 


Hopefully this can be sorted out soon

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We'd like to have more than one invoice option. Different divisions within one organisation need different formats for invoicing. Can we have more than one option please? This is the only reason we can't use MYOB Essentials in its current format. 

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I have just signed up to start using MYOB for the first time and I am dumbfounded that I have to use a generic "invoice template" with no way of customising this to my business. 

Would it be that hard to be able to edit the field heading?

MYOB please get this sorted ASAP otherwise I will be forced to use another invoicing system.


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This is an absolute must for all businesses these days....



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Customised invoices, as well as Service Invoices should be top of the list for new improvements.  Adding an attachment would also be a welcomed addition.



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I would totally like to see this. I think that having a good looking invoice with all of the right information really helps your business to look professional.

I suspect this is one of the reasons that Xero is so popular. 


I would like to see a screen where you can choose which elements appear on the different ares of the invoice (we would leave out 'ship to' for example).


For the detail section a list of the possible columns you could have and the ability to customise:

  • column width
  • header text
  • data format (a date column would be nice)

I also think that what Cubby has suggested sounds like a good intermediate solution - the option to choose a standard Service Invoice would be awesome.


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It would be great to have customised templates available on Essentials. 

The existing templates don't suit the look and feel of the business - as such, we create them on a separate program (InDesign). We have very specific requirements for our invoices and quotes, and would love to be able to create them in MYOB.


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Is this STILL an outstanding request to MYOB?? This is something that was available in the stand alone versions.  It does make it hard to recommend to our clients when a simple area like this is unable to be edited to suit individual businesses.

MYOB please change this area...I note the first comment was as far back as January!!