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Statements: Ability to personalise statement (i.e. add Logo)

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Please can we have the ability to customise our forms, invoices and statements etc? I want to be able to include my logo on my statements. I'd love to be able to add to my invoices a paypal (or other) web address for people wanting to pay by credit card. I'd like to be able to change the wording on emailed invoices. Arrrgh. So frustrating!


'MYOB LIVE customised forms and templates ... my way!"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

The ability to personalise invoices and statements and add Payment Options / How to pay section has been delivered. For more information please refer to Essentials blog article improved customer statements today

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Customising invoices is extremely important for all business...  I would like to have 'my' look on the invoice and be able to add in different payment options.

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I'd love the option for my clients to pay via PayPal

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I have just purchased and installed Essentials for a new business, and within the first day or 2 of installing and setting up I have encountered this issue of customising the invoice template. I wish I had read these blogs before I purchased, as I probably would have gone elsewhere. Unless there is a solution to creating a professional invoice / statement customised to the business, I will have to consider dumping essentials.

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Thank you for your feedback, @PhilD2014. I'm sorry you feel restricted by the limitations to customising templates in Essentials. I can see Clover is helping you on your other post on the topic. I'm sure we will be able to help resolve the issues listed in the post. 


We appreciate your patience until further customisation is possible with Essentials templates. 



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We are a building, plumbing and electrical company that has two seperate licence numbers for our services. Is there any chance of adding a section in the business details settings that could allow us to add in our licence numbers so they show up automatically on our invoices without always having to type them into the notes section of the invoice.


Also our services require us to inform our customers that our work has been completed to Australian Standards. Is there any chance of adding in pre set notes that is saved to appear on each invoice but also allows us to add custom notes to each invoice (e.g. job description).



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Hi there


 Just to keep it simple if it were me I would create two different invoices.


One with one licence number and the other with the other licence number


Also I would edit the template of my invoices to show you second requirement re Australian Standards

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I tend to agree with @PhilD2014 . The inability to customise invoices (I currently manually issue and track invoices using Microsoft Word & Excel) is getting out of hand as our business is growing and using the "new" templates are simply not an option because they are not suitable for professional services (and I dont want to have Units particularly when I do a fix-ed fee job).


Second issue is having to store all supporting documentation separately then having to dig through it all to match things when audit time comes.


Am currently considering moving to Xero - oh and interestingly MYOB Essentials doesnt even allow you to export your own info in a useable format (Xero does, an in a variety of formats!!) 

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Thanks for your feedback @misshh, I will share it with the team.


All the best,

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We are in the processing of updating our computers and thinking of doing away with our server so are considering switching from AccountRight Enterprise to Live. Being able to transfer our customised forms is not something I thought about. Like others have stated, being able to use a customised form allows us to add details that are specific to our business and helps your business like more professional.


If this is not able to be done, I guess we will just have to deal with the extra expense of purchasing and running a server.





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Hi @Sharon_K 

Thanks for your feedback. This idea has been marked under the Essentials Ideas Exchange. You mentioned you were using AccountRight Enterprise/Live allow you are able to customise your own forms in these versions of the program.

If you are using AccountRight Enterprise Support Note: Customising forms would be able to assist with that. If you are on AccountRight Live Support Note: Customising forms in the new AccountRight would be the required one for that version