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Statements: Include Purchase Order number




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Gday Guys


I'm sure this can't be a new idea... Why is this not already an option? Something so simple induces the biggest headaches. Please hurry up and make this standard on Essentials customer statements. 


"Customer purchase order numbers displayed on customer statements..."





Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2020

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials will display the Purchase Number field on the relevant invoice on the statements produced.

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Thanks for your suggestion @DerekMc.  Anyone else who would like to put customer purchase order numbers on statements, please cast your vote here.

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I would also like to see customer P/O numbers on the unpaid invoice report rather than having to open each invoice to see which is which. Quick reference point. Or even on the list when you go into sales -> invoices.

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Thank you for your vote@Melaniemav  


You may also want to vote on this idea as well - Purchase order number displayed on list of invoices.


I would encourage clients who would like to see the option to add Purchase Order number on statements or the invoice list to vote on these 2 ideas using the + vote button and comment if required.

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Hi Guys,

Any movement on this idea?

We now have 8 clients that we have to print the myob statement out, write the p/o numbers on the statement, scan the statement, then email it.

Takes my accounts person half the day to do this.

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Hi @Tornadoroy

Thank you for your feedback, I have shared it with the team.

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have an estimated time frame for when it will be added to the program. We are still are encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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can you put on the statements customer purchases order number please 

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Personally if it were me I would include the PO in the body of the invoice or alternatively I would use the PO as an invoice number which will the appear on the statement?


Just a couple of thoughts over my early morning coffee?

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Hi @Geoff_

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. Hope that early morning coffee was good.

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An excellent idea, for mine.