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Statements: Include logos and bank detials





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Statements in myob live look disgusting, Need to add Logos and bank details at least


"Customizing statements"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2017

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for showing your support for this idea

We are pleased to announce that company logos and how to pay information (similar to invoices) will be included on MYOB Essentials statements. This is along with a new look Statements page.

For more information please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Try the new and improved customer statements today

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Can you please tell me when I will be able to customize Statements in MYOB essentials?

I cant find anywhere that says you can do this yet . I would like DC details and logo on my statements

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The Plain statement look really unprofessional and Ugly . When I read back looks like you have been working on this for 2 years ! I hope you can tell me how to customize it by now

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Thank you all for your comments and votes. We understand that you would all like the ability to customise templates in Essentials. Your feedback has been passed on to our product developers. 

We request others wanting this change to please continue to vote on the idea. 

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How far away before the statements can be customised? As far back as 2012 was when the reply was : "we are working on invoice and statement changes at the moment" and there doesn't appear to have been any helpful replies about it since!


Regards, Suzy

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Hi @shmk 

Thank you for voting for this idea.

We currently don't have a time frame when the ability to customising statements will be included in MYOB Essentials. The development team are still investigating and working including that in the program with future updates.

I would encourage users that would like to see this feature included to keep voting and commenting for this idea if required.

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Customising the statement is only a small part of a larger problem with MYOB generally. There are many discrepencies across various features of the product and MYOB seem reluctant to tidy up unless their customer "vote" on the change.


Being able to set an "as at date" for statements is not only "Essential" but pretty basic stuff. No logo, no correct mailing address etc etc and over 3 years to fix leaves us, the customers, with questions about MYOB generally. 


Will the inability to act on common sense stuff have an effect on the pending IPO?



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You're spot on, Nevillethetech!


Having used numerous competitor cloud solutions, MYOB Essentials is definitely the worst of the bunch, by miles and miles and miles.


They need to stop resting and relying on their previous sucess, client trust and "data integrity" and start developing their products to compete, instead of simply to exist, in the marketplace.


If there was a simple way to find out how to vote for the statement customisation feature above, I'd click the daylights out of it right now!


Smiley Mad

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Re: MYOB Essentials


Is there a way to have the bank details and the company's logo on the customers statements.



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I've only been using MYOB Essentials since April (New Financial Year) but I'm already over it, too many issue to go into them all, really disappointed, wished I had stayed with my AccountingRight verion 19.5 on the Desk top.


I have used MYOB for over 21 years, so am very loyal.


If Xero roll out a cheaper, version and take the 20 transactions off, I'd jump ship tomorrow.


Come on guys listen to what your customers are asking for, we need to beable to customise our statements, how hard is it to add when you can do it already for the Invoices???????????????


I also want more options to put what reference #'s I want to put when doing transfers etc.


Thanks Glenda


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Thank you very much for your feedback @Watermill-NZ


MYOB Essentials Accounting has come a long way to have have the additional features and options it has now such as invoice customisation, In Tray etc, and our development team will continue to improve it in the future. 


However MYOB Essentials Accounting was designed to be a simple accounting online software, for advanced features, customisations and reporting options it would be better to use AccountRight instead.