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Statements: Inclusion of banking details

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When sending statements, it would be handy to have banking detail information displayed on there similar to the way they are displayed on invoices so that customers can settle their accounts immediately. Smiley Wink Afterall, is that not the purpose of supplying clients with statements?

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials Statements will now include banking information making them consistent with invoices.


For more information on this change please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Try the new and improved customer statements today

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Payment details can be entered to appear on debtor invoices so that clients can pay by direct credit to our bank account. However for some reason the details do not print on debtor statements. This seems odd and hopefully MYOB can get a fix in place quickly. Does MYOB have a timeframe for doing so?


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Hi Gary,


MYOB statements can be customised. You could solve your problem by adding text fields to your statement and then editing them to contain your bank details


Jeff Stephenson

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MYOB Essentials WishList: Please add a check-box to the Payment Details screen - e.g. "Include these payment details on customer statements".

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Yes please add bank details to statements so payment can be made then and there without Invoice or  if client has misplaced invoice.

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Hi, I would really love to add my payment details to statements also, lots of customers are asking for it and have to manually do each one.

Thank you


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Thank you very much for your suggestion.


It would be a convenient feature to include bank details on customer statements. Anyone else wish to see this feature added, please cast your vote and/or leave your comment below.

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Yes I also agree,  I have clients contacting me asking for bank details, I have had comments like 'I meant to contact you last week to ask for the banking details' so it is delaying payment to us by not having the banking details on the invoice. It seems a lot of people these days pay on the statement so it would be financially beneficial to businesses to have those details on the statement, Thanks so much for your consideration :-)


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It would be a great idea for Payments details ( bank accounts ) to show on the emailed / printed statements in Essentials Accounting.


It woudl be great if the company logo was inserted as well.

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Agree on these two features being added to the Essentials customer statements.


It's important that some level of customisation be introduced to the Customer Statements being sent to clients. Having a logo and Payment Details would be greatly appreciated when the Customer Statements are sent out.