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Take payments: Tab into the Payment amount field




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How is it possible in the world of keyboard shortcuts and efficiencies, that when you try to Receive a Payment, you can't actually move into the payment amount field of the Invoice you are receving a payment for with keystrokes? You have to use the mouse! This really needs to be fixed, bad error in development...

"Keystrokes/shortcuts to payment field when receiving a payment, can only use the mouse to click on"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

The Tab key can be used in the Create invoice payment window within MYOB Essentials to navigate the window including entering into the Amount received window.

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Hi @Naomi_Roskell 

Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and the Take Payment window.

I would encourage others that would like to see the Take Payment Window have a shortcut key to enter in the Payment Amount or that column able to be tab into vote and comment if required.

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The fact of not being able to tab through fields in any of Essentials screens, has to be one of the more absurd features of the programme.. To have to pick up the mouse between each entry, is a massive time waster. A small thing, but a major irritatation, designed to drive one away to another brand.

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Hello @dominic 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to being able to tab between screens, we’re always looking to improve workflow in MYOB Essentials.


We encourage everyone that would like to see this implemented to vote and comment.


Kind regards,



MYOB Client Support 


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The same issue exists on the Receive Money and Spend Money screens.

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Thank you very much for your vote and comment @kbarnard


I have passed your feedback to our developers to be looked at. 


I would encourage any other interested users to also cast your vote and leave comments if required.

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The same issue in Journal entries. Hit the Tab key and you end up at the save buttron not the next field. These are simple errors that need fixing not voting on.

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Can I also add, while I understand "Essentials" is marketed towards those with mobile touchscreen devices, some of us still sit in front of a computer on a desk.

The Keyboard shortcuts are an "Essential" part of a Bookkeepers speed & efficiency. It really does need to be implemented right across the "Essentials" board, in the same manner as all Microsoft/Mac Software and of course the original MYOB...


Kind Regards

Naomi Roskell

Mobile Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services

Proudly operating in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Lower Hunter

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Hi @Naomi_RoskellThank you for your additional comments in regards to your idea. MYOB Essentials is marketed as "easy online accounting". This should encompass mobile devices and also desktop computers. However in saying that I have passed your comments along to the team.

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It has been over 12 onths since I wrote this post, I guess it has been forgotten in amongst the many other issues listed in the Forum. Is anyone else annoyed this hasn't bee addressed yet?


We need keyboard shortcuts and an easier workflow when it comes to operating MYOB Essentials, it is such a time-saver... We need to be able to use the tab key predictably and have keyboard shortcuts...


Please VOTE if you are sick of having to take your fingers off the keyboard to use the mouse and navigate Essentials...

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I've just found this software:


Advanced Key and mouse recorder by Grass Software


Cost is $60 for a license


I've just saved approx 3 hours by automating changing the terms on 130 existing invoices from COD to EOM, and exporting a PDF of each one to file.


It records mouse clicks, (and if you want keyboard), but as MYOB has many many functions where you can only access them by mouse selection, this is perfect.


You have to set your preferenece in MYOB to remember window locations, and make sure your MYOB is running full screen.