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This Financial Year - Incorrect for Custom Reports




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Refer MYOB support request #01439193

Our financial year runs from 1st Feb to 31st Jan.
When I run the standard Balance Sheet report and select "This Financial Year", the balance date is correct - 31/1/2024.
However, if I save the report to custom reports and then run the custom version and select "This Financial Year", the balance date is incorrect - 30/6/2024.

The custom reports should select the correct date

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Hi @kafoot
Thanks for your post. I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the Community Forum. Thank you for your effort in sharing your feedback and suggestions with us and we are sorry that you are having difficulties because of the absence of this function to select the correct date for custom reports. We thank you for your patience and for showing your support during this time. Rest assured that we will communicate your ideas and feedback to the team. 
Feel free to come back to the Community Forum if you have any more questions, we are more than happy to assist.