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API: Provide both GST-exclusive and -inclusive line values

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Speaking to other developers recently, we would all like to see the API transaction endpoints include both incl. and excl, line amounts. At the moment (API v2, AR 2017.2), a single amount field is provided, which can be either inclusive or exclusive according to the value of the "istaxinclusive" flag. As many of us know, GST values are rounded on a line by line basis so that the GST calculation on the total is always correct; however, this is a complex calculation which we should not have to be expected to replicate when far simpler solution is available. 



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Hi there @Mike_James,

I fear this might be a substantial change to the way AccountRight Live works to be able to choose between incl/excl invoices its super valuable feedback as we try and make the product (and API) simpler and easier to use.