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Accounts List: Drag and drop accounts to reorder list

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- Should be able to drag and drop to re order the chart of accounts from the list.

- When updating budgets you should be able to copy Previous Years actual for ALL accounts, not 1 at a time.

- Would be good to be able to move an account from Assets to Expenses etc..  Won't happen often but you may need to  if a client makes a mistake.


"Chart of Accounts"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

I like these - good little time savers that will make your work go faster. - Vote it up if you like it folks!

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Would love to be able to change a chart of accounts from one type to another i.e. an account has been setup as an expense account but it really is a COGS account.  Yes I know you can journal the balances or edit each individual entry, but when you have a file setup incorrectly, this can become very messy, with doubling up of charts of accounts with lots of accounts being "DO NOT USE", if you have journalled balances on a large file, then you shouldn't combine these "do not use" accounts into 1 because then you can't track the individual entries easily


This option really would be very very useful

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I like these - good little time savers that will make your work go faster. - Vote it up if you like it folks!
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Thanks for the idea of been able to move chart of accounts to different types without having to record General Journal entries. This idea has also been raised by other users and is currently listed as under consideration. We would love for you to add a vote and further comments so we can have a better understanding of the need for this feature.
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Great Idea, but still not implemented two year later?

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Unfortunately the development team can't implement every idea submitted, but we appreciate the feedback as it helps us to prioritise working on one feature over another.


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