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Accounts: Set a default Bank Account

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We currently have two bank accounts, one with without an overdraft that is an asset in MYOB chart of accounts and a second with an overdraft that is a liability account in MYOB. The overdraft is our primary account.


The problem I have is that MYOB defaults to the bank account with the lowest account number, so that whenever you start to enter data you need to manually change the bank account to the overdraft.


My suggestion is that you should be able to tick a box to allow any of the "bank accounts" to become the default bank for data entry. This would avoid the problem when you forget and entry data to the wrong bank account and then have to make the changes.


Could you please consider this function or if anyone knows a way around this problem let me know.



Ian Plambeck.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thanks for the great idea Ian. You can set a default bank accounts for your pay bills and receive payments transactions through your setup menu > linked accounts > and changing the account under sales accounts and purchases accounts. I can see it would be a time saver if there was also an option to set a default account for all other types of transactions. If other users like this idea, please show your support with further votes and comments.

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Definitely need this for those who have multiple bank accounts where one is the main account used on a daily basis.

We should be able to select a specific bank account to be the default account for bank feeds. 

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Hi, yes please another one who needs this functionality.  It is too easy to post into the wrong bank account in spend money and other screens.  I can't re-arrange my chart of accounts so would like to change the default account that comes up.


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Dear MYOB,


I have the same problem in my undeposited funds, and now and again forget to deposit funds into our main cheque account, as it defaults to the bank account which has the lowest account code.  I would agree that there should be a default setting to use for your main banking transactions. 

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Agrre that a default bank account for all incomings and outgoings would be great

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The other issue is defaulting to the first account when clearing electronic payments and deposits.

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A great idea - I have the same problem. But, I note that it is now 9 years since this no-brainer suggestion was made - and still the issue has not been resolved. Come on, MYOB.