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Auto Build: Copy auto build item information from another auto build item




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We have been using Premier for many years beccause of the Mutlicurrency and Inventory/Autobuild features which are very important for a manufacturer. We are using Premier v12.

It should be able to copy Autobuild from one product to another. Currently must manually copy autobuilds from a similar product.


"Copy Autobuild from one product to another"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2012

Great Idea. Please vote

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I would like to see the ability to import autobuilds, which apart from being a possible solution to this idea, would be extremely helpful with some set-ups.

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Great Idea. Please vote
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Still having this issue. Was advised by MYOB help that the solution was to import a manual inventory adjustment. To put that in perspective, lets have a look at what that would actually mean.

We have around 200 items, most with around 500 components each, and most share components.

If an average single transaction has just 20 auto built items in it, that would mean I would need to do the following:

- create a table that has only the items which are involved in this transaction (around 20000 lines)

- multiply out the quantity for each item

- merge together the duplicated lines of each component, summing the totals

- split this table into smaller tables to enable myob to handle the upload

- check the file out

- complete multiple uploads

- check the file back in

- pray that nothing goes wrong

And of course all of this means

- no audit trail

- no reporting

- no deleting of transactions

And don't forget that this is PER TRANSACTION!

And MYOB says that this is perfectly acceptable?!?

Then there was the usual "if you really want to do something then suggest it in the idea exchange" but like usual, here is the idea, lodged in 2012, where it is under consideration, and nothing more is happening.

Get your act together MYOB!

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I have the same problem in that I have common items that I want to copy as part of my autobuild stock functionality.
In my case I have a dozen or so products which are built using 90+ components of which more than 90% are common in each one. To have the ability to copy and paste these items would be really useful and a time efficient way to set these up.
I hope this will be incorporated into a future release.