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Backup: Schedule automatic backup of file





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I would like the ability to schedule automatic backups of the MYOB files. The backup would be the same as what currently gets backed up manually when starting the backup from the menu - just need to be able to schedule this same process to run from the operating system.


"MYOB Automatic Backup"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for the suggestion, we would be happy to look into how we can add this into AccountRight. Any users who would like to see this added in please do vote and comment to show your support for the idea.

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Yes, I definately agree with you. The problem I have at the moment is they have been teasing me with this online hosted solution for ages, they released it and then say if you have chosen our MPOWERED services then you can't have the online solution. I wanted the online solution for not only multiple and remote access but for the security of file backup as the company file has had a few issues of late that have had costly downtime to repair. Yes Auto backup would be excellent for me as a stop gap until they get their act sorted on the online solution being able to work with their own other services and products

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Thank you for the suggestion, we would be happy to look into how we can add this into AccountRight. Any users who would like to see this added in please do vote and comment to show your support for the idea.
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Fantastic idea, I am also looking to be able to schedule automatic backups for MYOB Premier v19.9 to run at a specific time on a daily basis. 


Prefereably, it would not override the previous backups (so that a grandfathering system could be in place). 


Any chance of this being available to users of older versions of MYOB software?

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It is unlikely that we will be making any significant changes to the classic software, but we are expecting to release a Live version of Premier by mid-year which will have many enhancements. We will have more details as soon as possible.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Could you add a feature where a manual backup can be set to run on a schedule and uploaded to a Google Drive / Dropbox or similar service?


thanks, Al

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Please without delay, introduce auto backup !

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I have just changed to using MYOB online after running it locally for many years and I am finding it hard to believe that such a basic data management tool is not available, even after being "suggested" 4 years ago.

Being able to restore to a backup from the previous day has saved my businesses multiple times over the years and I am currently having to resort to getting my staff to manually run a backup each day, taking anything up to 30 minutes out of their working day each time.

It just needs to be something as simple as a command line switch on the local .exe (i.e. C:\...\Programs\MYOB\MYOBAccountRight2017.1\Huxley.Application.exe /BACKUP=C:\LOCAL_BACKUP.ZIP /USER=USERNAME@BUSINESS.COM.AU /PASSWORD=ABC123) that can then be scheduled on the local PC.

Granted, there are security issues in doing it this way by having the username and password written into the batch file or scheduled task on the local PC but there are ways around that.

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Daily Backup of the MYOB data files on the File Server is very useful and important feature but was easily possible in OFFLINE version. We would like to have that feature of daily local auto backup of the company file which is in myob cloud.

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I'm amased that such a basic and critical feature was & still is not available!?!

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This is something MYOB should have had done from day 1

MYOB has marketed ARlive as a product that is in the cloud and backed up.

but when clients ask for a backup of their file, MYOB cannot give it to them.

this needs to be moved from under consideration to being implemented ASAP.