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Bank Feeds: Ability to match one bank transaction to multiple myob transactions

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I'm sure this would have been suggested before And I can't find it.

Two+eftpos payments received in one day.

Unable to match two to one?

Am I missing something?

If so please enlighten me.



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2023

Hi Everyone

The AccountRight browser interface allows users to select multiple transactions to match the one bank feed transaction to multiple recorded transactions.

In the AccountRight desktop application, you would want to complete this process through the Prepare bank deposit window and then use the Match functionality in Bank feeds.

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This would be as previously stated, a time saving option to be able to match one bank feed transaction to multiple MYOB transaction.  I have enough extra work to get through with add on software partners so it would be beneficial for me to cut out another step or two!


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Hi @Amanda0314 

Thank you for voting for this idea and your feedback. I have your comments with the team.

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I don't want to set up yet another alternative to processing my payroll, I just simply want to be able to match transactions via Bank feed whether that be single to multiple or vice versa. Nor do I want to keep hiding transactions - MYOB should allow me to operate how I want it to in the simplest and straightforward manner possible as I am not a professional bookkeeper nor accountant just a family member in a small family business where I have many 'hats'!


PLEASE amend Bank feeds to allow me to match single bank transactions to multiple MYOB (payroll etc) in one step not via journal entries nor by setting up another process with the bank - the less contact I have with our bank the better it is for my sanity!

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Hi @Eastside 

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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Currently we are unable to link one bank transaction to multiple transactions in account right and we need this ability.


I.e. for example one incoming capital transaction relates to multiple journals in account right.


MYOB response was as below:


The Bank Feeds in AccountRight Live have a 1 to 1 relationship with the transactions it matches too. This means that one transaction entered into AccountRight can only be matched to one Bank Feed. Conversely, one Bank Feed can only be matched to one transaction.


This means you would need to create a separate transaction for each of the deposits.

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Hi there @Kelly81 The clearing accounts of undeposited funds and electronic clearing are there to group transactions together to become the one amount to match to the bank feed.

If a client doesn't use/need the electronic feature for the bank, then I create another account called clearing withdrawals and get them to clear through this account - allowing transactions to have their correct date.

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Hello Kelly,


You can set up a rule for the anticipated account that the charges are to be allocated to.

To do this when setting up a rule select the Show Advanced Options. Then setup for the accounts. As the amount varies each time you will need to setup zero amounts with the last account showing remainder.




You will the approve the transaction, and then click on the little blue arrow to open it so that you can allocate the transaction to the correct accounts.






I hope this helps.




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We use another system for deliveries and debtor management. For Accounting purposes, I post a weekly sale total from that system.


Bank feeds are bringing in individual sales. Is there a way of ticking many receipts from different customers and applying to 1 debtor account???

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I agree with this idea wholeheartedly!!!!! I currently pay multiple bills in one lump transaction through commbiz and am unable to match multiple myob transactions to this one payment. Alternatively I have multiple client payments which are deposited as one lump sum at the bank and entered accordingly into myob as a single deposit but the bank decides to split the deposit into two or 3 amounts. I am unable to match these in bank feed. Bank feed is a great concept and would be an excellent if you implement the suggested change but as it stands it is simpler and quicker to do a manual reconcilliation.

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Thanks for the great suggestion@melslade I agree that coding payments to more than one transaction in bank feeds is a good feature to have and it does have potential to disrupt workflow the way it is. Anyone else who would like to see Bankfeeds able to be split to multiple transactions, please cast your vote here.