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Bank Feeds: Ability to match one bank transaction to multiple myob transactions

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I'm sure this would have been suggested before And I can't find it.

Two+eftpos payments received in one day.

Unable to match two to one?

Am I missing something?

If so please enlighten me.



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2023

Hi Everyone

The AccountRight browser interface allows users to select multiple transactions to match the one bank feed transaction to multiple recorded transactions.

In the AccountRight desktop application, you would want to complete this process through the Prepare bank deposit window and then use the Match functionality in Bank feeds.

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We did a banking that was made up of a number of smaller payments from clients.  The total came into the bank feed but when I went to "find" it shows the three transactions involved but doesn't allow me to "tick" all three, I can only select one and of course it then doesn't total the amount of the banking so doesn't work. 


Can you put some tick boxes in there so you can select the ones that are appropriate and match either the receipt or the payment.



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Thank you for your feedback on how the BankFeeds selection system works and we're certainly happy to consider making changes to it.. We do have this process which we suggest that you use which does solve the issue you're having with the current system:
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I agree-we need to be able to split the payments.

I accept the reason for the bank feeds matching MYOB data & agree it is a great concept.

However all we are asking for is the opportunity for the programme to match what is actually happening in our business.

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I would also like to see this feature. I have worked around it by using the "prepare bank deposit" and "Electronic payments" functionality. But there are cases where this doesn't work and I can only use bank feeds properly if it will match to multiple transactions.

Example 1: Today I need to pay "M. Smith" a $20 refund (via a credit invoice), and also pay her an $80 supplier payment. I pay her $100 by EFT. Now, you cannot pay a CREDIT using the electronic payments area. I can put the transaction to the Electronic payment clearning account, but when I go to record the payment, it won't appear, under any or "all" of the filters. 

Multiple transaction matches would just be much simpler. Here, I will do a flowchart for you Smiley Tongue

Enter Bill > Record Electronic Payment > Prepare Electronic Payment (ABA File) > Get bank feed > Approve match


Enter Bill > Record Payment > Get Bank Feed > Approve Match


Thank you for your consideration, this will make AccountRight so much more friendly and reduce data entry which was great idea behind bank feeds. Smiley Happy 

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I Agree.


The convoluted way to process two internet payments is difficult and confusing for someone that does not do it every day.


Why can you not just apportion an mount (say $200 of $750) to one invoice and $550 to another?


How hard can that be? If it is an issue with the feed, make sure that both amounts are done at the same time so there cannot be any left over.


Please change it ASAP.  It is driving me batty.


Each time I have to do it, I have to read through the 50 step instruction again as to how to do it.


Why must it be so hard?

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I need to do it now.


What is the a step by step process in order to do this.


Please do not send me to another link. If it is simple, please just past the several simple steps in order to do it.


I have done it before but am sick of trying to do it again later and have to find the process again and again.


I have an electronic payment from my bank with 2 customer payments. HOw do I reconcile these easily? I do not want to do the wrong thing, as this will get my accountant very angry, and you do not want to see him angry.


Count this as 2.78 million votes for fixing the process.

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Hi @Continuum 


Thanks for your feedback.


For a customer payment, the way to record is to go to Sales > Recieve Payment and select the 'Group with Undeposited funds" option for each payment.


Once they have been recorded go to Banking > Prepare Bank Deposit, tick the payments to record it going into the bank as one lump sum. Now you can match the lump sum with Bank Feeds.

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thanks for that.


Saved a lot of headache.


Last time was much more convoluted than that, but now I have bookmarked this page.





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I can see in Bank Feeds Bank Statement section deposited amount, but sometimes this deposit is completed from more than one EFTPOS transaction.

We get per day from 5 to 10 transactions via EFTPOS terminal. When I enter "Find" I can see these transactions, but I can't match because system allow to march only with exact amount. For example:


In Bank Feeds

Bank Statement - $200 deposit (came via EFTPOS terminal and completed from 2 different client payments)

Your Transactions - when I press "Find" - I can see 2 payments, in this case -$36 & $164, these 2 payments are = $200, but I can't match because system do not allow.


Can you please upgrade programme to allow marching not only exact deposited amounts like $200 with only $200 but with few different payments to get deposited amount in this case: $200 has to match (on the left screen side) with $36+$164 (on the right screen side).


Hope is clear.


Best Regards,



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I love this idea - it would be so much simpler than the current 'bank deposit' method