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Bank Feeds: Approve All button

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Could we please have the approval process in bank feeds made faster.  It's a great feature but it takes about 3 seconds between being to press one approval button and the next.


Ideally I'd love an approval all button.



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"Approve button in Bank feeds"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2014

Thanks for your feedback and comments. We have introduced "Approve All" functionality in the next version of AccountRight - 2014.4. The update will be available very shortly. We hope it makes using bank feeds even more convenient for you all.

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Hi Debra, we're always looking at ways to improve workflow and make AccountRight faster. Any other users who would like this as a focus please vote and comment to show your support.
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The purpose of bank feeds improve speed of entering transactions. So this should be a required feature

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Yes please.  Im pretty sure with BankLink you can approve all.

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Maybe a tick a box selection should be used here - where you can "Select ALL" and click "Approve ALL" and it also gives you flexibility  to deselect a few if you need to check them or they are not the right match? Just a thought.

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I agree, will speed up the process even more.

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We are currently using MYOB accountright 2013.5 and we have a extra large number of deposit transactions received from the one customer.  We have the rule matching the transaction to the correct account.  Is there away to approve all the transactions in one go?


Also with the bank feeds once we have applied a rule to a given transaction and approved the transaction there is no payor/payee card file selected.  is there a way we can automatically apply the card file when we apply a given transaction rule?





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Ive mentioned this previously but when using Bank Feeds (supposedly to save time) the Receive All button is greyed out so that if you have more than one Sales invoice being paid then forget Bank Feeds and go to  Sales >> Receive Payments window

Would seriously like this feature turned back on to make Bank Feeds suitable for anyone who raises more than one Invoice.

Is this proposed in any updates?

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This is not a "new idea" as it already exists on this link Approve All button in Bank Feeds.

Please add your comments to that idea and vote for it by clicking the '+ Vote' icon.

It presently has 27 votes and is 'Under Consideration'.


Thank you

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The lack of instant screen refresh is very annoying in all screens. It may help those with computers having only minimum amounts of RAM but the inconvenience to others far outweighs this.

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I have found it is far quicker to undo the match by selecting the red X and then select "Find", which then highlights the transaction automatically, then selecting "Match & approve".  The whole process takes a fraction of the time that it does just to "Approve" the transaction in the first place - with the end result being the same.