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Bank Feeds: PayPal feeds

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I have had a few requests from people who are professional ebay sellers wanting an accounting package that allows them to get direct feeds from Paypal. I hear that Xero offers this however this is not offered by MYOB.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment for many online sellers so MYOB is missing out on many new clients by not offering this add on.

"Bankfeed for Paypal"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: June 2016

Hi everyone,


For some time now we have worked with the team at PayPal to provide a transaction feed. Whilst both parties still hope to do so in the future, at this stage we cannot reach a satisfactory commercial arrangement.


We will provide an update on this forum, when the status changes.



Suja Pillai

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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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I am about to offer Paypal on my website, which processes a few hundred payments a month... I may be splitting this side of my company to Xerox after reading this, what a great idea!

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Would love this feature some of our clients really struggle with trying to balance the paypal account and it doesn't help that PayPal deducts a % of fees on EVERY transaction.  MYOB would need to have the ability to split bank feeds first?



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Thanks for the excellent suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see direct feeds from Paypal, please cast your vote for this idea here.
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I am thinking of offering a PayPal option to my clients and integrating this with MYOB would be an excellent option.  Thanks MYOB

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As each day progresses, more and more people use Paypal - its the easiest, safe and secure method of transactions over the internet.  I know people who won't buy from an online store if they don't offer Paypal as a payment option.  Business owner's don't have the time to manually process each Paypal transaction in MYOB so online businesses won't be looking at MYOB for their accounting software package.  MYOB is crazy to ignore this.  Please arrange for bank feeds to be set up for Paypal as soon as possible.

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Thank you everyone for your comments and votes. As you've all mentioned PayPal is a very popular method of transacting online. Due to this our team have been working with PayPal on a project to provide PayPal feeds in AccountRight. We will provide further details including ETA as soon as possible. 

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Great to see that MYOB is moving forward with Paypal feeds. As mentioned by the other contributors Paypal is fast becoming a preferred payment method for many business and MYOB as been missing out on these businesses to other accounting programs such as Xero. It will be a great selling point to be able to offer this facility to prospective clients.

Please keep us informed of the progress.

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I work for a small eBay business doing the books, much of my time is taken up taking invoicing from eBay and payments from PayPal, and entering them into MYOB. This is time consuming double dealing. If there were an ability to link eBay or PayPal or both with MYOB, that would save so much time and effort, so that other work could be done.  Is there any plan to do this?


Meanwhile, a family friend is attempting to design an Excel speadsheet that will assist in the process, I will let you know how that goes. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to share your knowledge!


Thank you

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Hi @Ray-163529


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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I am pretty desperate to get the Paypal bank link for professional eBay sellers available urgently but this nonsense with an invoice being generated for each finance charge will need to be eliminated first.

Invoice numbers do still have a role to play in record keeping. 


I have one client with 50-75 eBay transactions a day (one customer eBay) and their file is already too large for Account Rright cloud version.


Elimination of this additional invoice would reduce file size, everyone will benefit.