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Bank Feeds: Rules - Add card column

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Could you please add options to the bank feed rules columns. At the moment I need to merge two customer cards and the system is telling me that because there are rules on the cards I can't merge them. Due to a historical mess the rules list doesn't have anything that resembles the customer's card name or the information provided on the bank feeds as a rule name. so my only option is to troll though 800 odd rules to find the one that is causing the issue. The way that this can be resolved would be to add a column with the linked customer card name to the rule.




"Bank feeds: Rules columns"

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I have an errant rule but cant find it.  a search function would be good similar to recurring transactions search

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I just encountered this same problem and I have found one rule and deleted it and still get the same error. I wonder if it's a historical thing, like the inability to delete payroll categories that were used 15 years ago, but not in any transactions still in the file.


It seems as though once a rule has been applied to a card, that card will never be able to be deleted. Full stop.


MYOB files are getting messier and messier with all these restrictions. Almost makes me want to start a brand new file. Or switch to a new product so I can have a clean start.