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Bank Feeds: Rules - Equals to or more/less than amount





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Enhancement Rant for MYOB AccountRight Create Rules.

I think it is time that MYOB put serious investment into fixing the nuts and bolts of MYOB AccountRight 'Create Rules' in Bank Feeds. The current setup of this is hopelessly inadequate. My issue is that I have discussed this as an Accountant with my practice reps and everyone I meet at MYOB. The message is not obviously getting through to where it matters.

There are at least 80 topics on the MYOB forums about Rules alone, yet upgrade after upgrade of AccountRight there is no enhancements made.

MYOB own Banklink, simply go and have a look at how it does it. Even better go and look at your opposition (the one that starts with X...).

This is something that all users of MYOB should be using. Please improve it, such as allowing simple Banklink items such as:
- Equal to or more/less than an amount
- whether a deposit or payment
- valid until a date etc.

Such enhancements are one of the most valuable things you can do to your software.


"Enhancement Rant for MYOB AccountRight Create Rules."

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Totally agree but I think MYOB will get onto it. Banklink which they own is way ahead of MYOB in this area so you assume they will look at Accountright and think Banklink is superior we need to catch up.  

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BankLink rules have been amazing for years, I couldn't count the hundreds (or thousands) of rules I would've set up for 50+ clients over 7 years... I do prefer this to Xero's system, it seems more flexible to me.