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Bank Feeds: Rules Report

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Can we please have a report developed that gives us a easy glance at how bank feeds are set up in a easy exportable format to excel.  Would be great to be able to import back into the file too.  Food for thought!


I am coming across some files where users, accountants and bookkeepers have set up rules that are totally incorrect. Currently I have to click into each rule to review them and fix them.  


For example recently I consulted to a client who had set up a rule for all employees to post directly to wages.    That was very silly!!!   I see this happen often.... as part of my bank rule review I always check this now by reconciling the PAYG and Wages.      


It pays to review bank rules on a quarterly basis at least to pick up any errors that could be occurring and this report would make it easy for us to identify errors for the BAS as well. 

"Bank Feeds Rule Report"

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I would like to make a request to enable the facility to export the rules for recognised allocations to accounts from a data file to enable import into another data file.

The reason being, for users with mutiple client accounts, with similar COA structures, the rules could be imported without having to re do them every time.

This saves time especially when implementing bank feeds for customers who work with mutiple datasets and /or various clients.

Kylie Dare

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We probably have 200-300 bank rules.  We would like to print them out (or export to excel).  Is there a report that allows you to do this?

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Hi @DerekM


There is no report that I know of in MYOB, although this is a great idea.


You could select, copy and paste in excel as a work around, although there would be a bit of fiddling around.



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Would love this report had a client who set up a rule for bp and then approved all and everything paid by bpay when to bp - eg mv fuel

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Using MYOB AccountRight Plus. Was wanting to know if there is a way to print out a report with all our Bank Feeds Rules. We have quite a few and I need a hard copy for reference purposes.