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Browser: stock images in web browser version




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For the past 3 years, while awaiting Myob to have the cloud version, while using the premier classic version, I began using a 3rd party app, salesin, as a B2B. The desire to have a holistic environment of accounting software- web site- e commerce- B2B web portal- crm. 

I have run a corporate promoting web site, a e commerce web site, the 3rd party web portal- for customers, and for myself to input orders. It's somewhat a frankenstein method of building a company operating system.

Now Myob invited me for a 12 months trial upgrade of the Accounts Right live, and i gleefully accepted with wondrous hope it may well be the beginning of the small business online all in one creation to harness world power, or be able to run a homogonous accounting/marketing system.


The Core system is much the same, all very familiar. The web browser is rather simple. The first feature i noticed missing which could have replaced my 3rd party B2B, was the lack of image in product detail. A great shame.


A simplified version of Accounts Right including product images would allow small businesses value for money alternative to subsidise the substantive cost of Myob Live. Especially those being dragged across from premier Classic eternal licenses!