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Card: Employee - Ability to attach (PDF) file

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Could we have the ability to attach PDF Files (similar to attaching a photo) to the Employee Card. In our industry we need to have things like National Police Check, Working with Children Cards ect kept on file at all times, keeping a PDF File on the employee card would help a great deal.


"Attaching PDF File to Employee Card"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2018

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, you can upload documents and attach these to your cards. For more information on this feature and other changes do please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available.

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thx nswsatrznurses and all of you who have voted. We see this and attaching PDF's to transactions as important features.
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As we provide labour hire to several clients, most of our employees are required to provide a signed timesheet which they email, text or fax to us.  In addition when invoicing our clients where the accounts department is often in a different town or state to where the employee is based, we need to attach supporting info (ie timesheet) to our invoice.


If we could upload a PDF or JPEG doc to an employee card which can also be attached along with an invoice it would make life so much easier. 

"Attaching external timesheets to employee cards"

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A similar facility has recently been added to MYOB Essentials, to speed-up entry of supplier bills

- see this link Alas, it's not for payroll.


Watch out for similar new features coming to AccountRight in 2015.


Some Account-Right add-ons which strengthen it's payroll features are:

- EasyEmployer from

- Abtrac from

- Tanda from (yes, ".co" not .com)

- Timesite from

You can see these and others on



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we are required by our debtors to provide them with a Contractor Claim form ( NB. this is not an invoice)  which i email. i would like to be able to link this document to perhaps the card file or job number.

i then subsequently enter a quote against the debtors job card and enter details to hold there until i receive confirmation of the amount that they are going to pay - then i turn it into an invoice.

unless there is a better method than what i am using, is this likely to ever be available ?

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It would be helpful to able to "Store"  information into workers Cards, bu uplaoding from PDF


EG .

Copy of Tax File Declaration

Copies of Licenses, Trade Certificates Etc

WH*S such as Green Card.

The list goes on.

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are you going to create the option of up loading and filing documents against employees, similar to purchases and attaching copies of the invoice?

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Would love to have a feature like this also.


I am a mobile bookeeper and the main office is in another state. To have ALL employee HR information in MYOB would be a great advantage. 



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I got on the forums today searching for this feature. I found a post dated 2013 saying it was under consideration. Is this still being considered or has it been developed?



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Thank you very much for your vote @SandraF


This idea is currently still under consideration, the developers do prioritise their work based on the demand and level of impact. When this idea reaches the pipeline, we will update the idea status. 

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Hi Everyone

Thank you for your ideas in regards to AccountRight and documents added to employee cards.

I've merged some ideas that have been on the AccountRight Idea Exchange with this original idea on the topic.