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Card: Employee - Standard Pay don't automatically refresh when wages changes are made




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I use timesheets that are imported into MYOB Premier.  Prior to 1.7.14 we were using Powerpay and importing into that.


I don't use Base Hourly or Base Salary as I have a mixture of casual and full time staff so I have my own payroll items set up and have done so for years.  Obviously it was simpler process to carry the old Powerpay items into Premier.  


I have a problem when when changing an employee's base-hourly rate.  The number of hours per week (which I've now had to set to 1 for every employee as a safeguard as it won't let me put in zero), re-populate into the standard pay line.  If this isn't checked and taken back to zero, then a standard pay will be added to whatever imported hours are paid.  In some instances, an employee hasn't worked a particular week but because there was a 'standard pay' set up, he got paid.


I've missed correcting this auto population for a couple of junior staff members when base rate was increased for birthdays.  One of them still had 15hrs per week as his base number of hours.  He has now been overpaid to the tune of $2,000!!! as it wasn't picked up, even by him as he's been unwell and thankfully, not really used his bank account much.


Coming from using Powerpay where I didn't have to double check what was imported into it, I want to put in a formal request to have at least the automatic repopulation of standard pay stopped.  Perhaps if some actually like to use it and want to keep it, maybe it could be done as an option rather than automatic.  It would safeguard those who import timesheets.  I don't want to have to try and use base hourly as it will throw everything else out.


Hopefully this is something that can be considered for a future update.  Obviously not to Premier but to Accountright, which I plan to take this client across to shortly.


I'm happy to chat on the phone with someone further if more clarification is required.


Thanks for you time.  Hopefully a fix can be made Smiley Happy


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"Payroll and Standard Pay"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @bizzibizzigirl. Could anyone else who would like to see the auto-refresh of standard pay when updating hourly rates removed, please cast your vote here.

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Thanks for your suggestion @bizzibizzigirl. Could anyone else who would like to see the auto-refresh of standard pay when updating hourly rates removed, please cast your vote here.

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i would vote for this 100 times if i could - every time there is a cpi increase or other pay rise i have to go into every employee card and change the standard pay - it is very tedious

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 Hi @SharnieF 

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. Unfortunately the voting is limited to one vote per user, however its great to see your enthusiasm for the idea.

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People have been asking this for a number of years now - hopefully it can finally be fixed.


Each and every change to a payroll card is a minefield. And with no means other than going card by card to fix it, it does waste a great deal of time, particularly given that newer versions of MYOB seem so much slower to respond to mouse clicks than the old v19.


Would this not actually be a bug anyway? 

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Hi @mtwc

Thank you for feedback in regards to this idea.

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I have shared your feedback with the team.

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We import the hours that our guys work through import timesheets. Therefore I need to have the ordinary hours on the standard pay tab as zero so that they do not get a double up of paid hours. I have found that sometimes when chages are made to the employees card eg change of rate of pay or in the last instance added child support for a deduction the 38 hours that they work automatically goes back in there and the zero is over ridden. It doesn't seem to happen on everything and has been missed a couple of times resulting in the person being paid 76 hours in one week instead of 38. This has caused a real problem this time because of the child support and the guy not getting any pay next week so the Child support deduction is all out of wack, also I guess it causes tax paid problems.

I would love to see this glitch fixed as it is a real problem.

I have called the help desk and they have advised that it is just something in the back end of the software I there is no solution as yet.

We are using Accountright plus

Kind regards

Rose Boyle

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I also import timesheets and if The Standard Pay - Base Hourly item has any hours on it, it will be added to the base hours in the timesheet.   You can zero them but they will automatically return if you change the normal hourly rate.  This is very annoying because the timesheet cannot be changed until after the pay run.  Please change this situaltion as soon as possible.



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Hi @John_Reynolds


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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I need to strongly vote for this too.


Normally, before we import our timesheets, we go to the Process Payroll for a preliminary check and just ensure there is nobody automatically coming up to ensure nobody has any Standard Hours against them.  But for some reason, this didn't work at this check time.  But, when we imported the timesheets and then went to Process Payroll, lo and behold, they come up and get paid twice. (It was only through their honesty that we realised this.)  I suspect there is some kind of caching issue with MYOB too - or maybe our preliminary check just failed - but that's another issue for another day.

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Agreed the automatic standard pay change causes errors in my companies also.