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Card File: Searching by street address

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New Zealand

We used to search cards by street address in v19.5 and no longer can on v2013 which we have just upgradedf to.

This is extremely frustrating as we relied heavily on it.

Please give this back to us asap

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for your comments and voting for this particular idea.

I'm pleased to announce that with AccountRight 2016.3 an exciting new search feature for Cards has been introduced. This allows for the user to search the Card List window by street address, phone number, state and other fields (40+)

You can find out more information about this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available.

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Hi @Aaronp  Thank you for your feedback

The normal process for an Idea posted on Ideas Exchange would go through a few stages. We would mark the post as "Under Consideration" and encourage users to vote and comment for this idea. If the idea does generate a number of votes and comments we view the idea, comments and votes to mark  it has high demand meaning we will investigate and attempt to implement that idea ahead of other ideas with lesser demand.

As of 17/06/2014 the idea exchange have had 59 ideas implemented from it and some of the ideas have been marked as Planned.

I currently don't have a timeframe for when idea will be implemented in the new AccountRight Live range. Currently the workaround would be as I have mentioned to use the advance search option.

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Please please please re-instate this function ASAP.  There are records that become almost impossible to lcoate without this ssearch option.  I am shocked that this funtion was removed from the newer version.  I thought the idea of an upgrade was to move forward with technology and ease of workflow...not backwards...

Thanks in advance

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Please bring this feature back!  As a small business that deals with repeat addresses and customers with regards to rental properties on a daily basis this has caused a huge incovenience to not be able to search on addresses in our customer cards.  It is also potentially going to lead to a huge amount of duplicate cards in our system.  Please bring back the adress and phone number search function, it is really difficult to understand why it was removed.  Thank you

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I cant understand why this basic feature was not built into the new version.  I frequently used this feature to find the correct customer in 19.7.  Wish I had known about this feature not supported in 2014.3 before I had decided to migrate.  Just so we are clear here, there is NO current work around available within 2014 for the full search functionality as suggested in this post.  Advanced search only provides Post Code search which does not help.  Exporting customer data and searching within excel will work but is very time consuming.  Please bring this feature back ASAP.  P.S.  Where do I get to vote for this item to be part of the next version?     

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Hi @Jodes86, @Truddles and @EppingElec,


Thank you for your comments. We can see that not being able to search for cards by their address is a cause of inconvenience for a lot of you. I've passed on your feedback to our Product Development team and hope to see this change brought about in a future update.


Unfortunately there is currently no workaround other than EppingElec's suggestion of Exporting the Cards (File >> Import / Export assistant) or sending the Card Address List report to Excel and doing a search using Excel. 


I understand this is not an ideal solution and can be time consuming. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.



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Yes please - me too. I used to search phone numbers and contact names - it's a pain not to be able to do that now. It was a great feature only recently added to older versions - please bring it back as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the aknowledgement. I hadn't thought of using a customer export to excel to enable searching.  I will give this a go next time I only have an address to work with and hope it picks up addresses 2 and 3 from the cards.  At least now there may be a chance to locate records albeit time consuming.  Fingers crossed the next update brings these search features back. Having used other programs where almost every field in any window was searchable and an * could be used as a wildcard I only just managed to cope with the lack of seach functions in the older versions of MYOB....

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I also miss being able to search multiple fields as I previously could with MYOB V19.

Please move forward and add this as a standard search in the next update. 

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Tried to find the name of a previous customer in our data base, thought I would search on the address, but it seems this isn't possible.  Why can't we do this any longer.  This is a feature we used constantly in V19.5.  Also liked the ability to search on other fields now not there.  If previous details had been entered incorrectly we could still find a customer/supplier.   Please bring them all back like we had before.  Seems a real retrograde step in this new version.  Is there an update that these features will all be returned shortly?

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I can't believe this basic function has not been added to the new version.  PLEASE put it back ASAP.  It is an integral part of many businesses.