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Cards: Add email address of general correspondence (different to invoice email address)

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We have a couple of customers that request we email their invoices to one email address, and general corospondence to another. Is there a possiblity to add these to a card file, instead of using the Address 1 / 2 method which does not explain what each email is a default for?

"Multiple email addresses for customers"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

 Thank you for your suggestion. Anyone who would like to have multiple labelled email addresses saved separate to card addresses, please cast your vote here.

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YES We would love the feature too! An idea could be to have a new field in the card called "Accounts payable email address". That way, whoever's email address is in the first email space (often the main contact), it will only go to the specified "account payable" address (unless you specify the email to go to other people). Having to specifically select the account payable email address each time you sent statements or invoices is annoying and time consuming!! Thanks. 

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Hi @guild

Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

We are always looking at merging similar ideas together to allow clients  a central location to view the one idea and allow for easier searching of those ideas.

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I agree, the Card files could be updated to be more userfriendly.


We have clients with multiple contacts - some for jobs, others for invoicing.

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We have a lot of companies that now want their invoices sent to one email address and their statements to another.  It would be good if the card file could have these as default email address fields?  ie: on the bill to address page have an invoice email field and a statement email field, which then default to that when sending an invoice or statement. If we have a large amount of invoices or statements going out we don't have time to go through every single one and change which email address it is going to.

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As we have to use two email addresses for Service Reports, one copy to client and one copy to Council, we use the Email for Location 1 as the customer copy and location 2 for council. Every time I change the email address to location 2, in the print/email invoice screen, you can email one only, then it throws you back to the previous screen(on rare occasions you can do two). Having 200 copies to go to Council using the above "clunky" method is just a waste of time. When are MYOB going to FIX this poor programming - it has been under consideration since 2014- or do we just move to another Program and be done with it??
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i think MYOB need to fix customer and supplier card details to allow at least 3 or 4 email address, i need to have list of different email addresses for sales person, accounts person, manager, director for each customer showing on the main card details.

the way its set up is very difficult to see.

terrible, i thought they would have had a solution for this by now.

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We are seeing an increasing number of customers request we send invoices to one email address, statements to another, and accounts inquiries to another. With only one email field this is near impossible to manage with over 500 accounts. Fields for these would be ideal.