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Cards: Increase Notes field character limit (255)

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Would love more space in the "Card details" of employees Notes


"Increase size of card notes field"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @TLK. Could anyone else looking for more space in the card notes field, please cast your vote here.

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Currently we store information that is unique to a card within the 'notes' area in the card details tab.  Is it possible to extend the character length to accommodate a larger volume of notes.

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Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


The 'Notes' in a Card 'Contact Log' is also restricted to a maximum of 255 characters.  It does however provide you now with an opportunity to store an unlimited volume of 255 character notes.


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Trying to find a way to increase the number of characters you can type in the Card File Notes.  Need to keep pay info for many years as an industry requirement and staff being here up to 15 years means I cannot keep all their details on the notes.

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Wouldn't it work to keep backups of MYOB file each year so you know the pay information as at any point in time by simply looking up at the backup file. If you take this approach, it may pay to upgrade all your backups to the latest version to make it easier (but do keep a backup of the originals).


Best of luck.



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Are you using Contact Log?

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use contact logs. they have increased in capacity over reent versions.


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Thanks for your suggestion @TLK. Could anyone else looking for more space in the card notes field, please cast your vote here.

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Hi there,

I would really like there to be more space to write notes in the customer card 'card details' tab.

I find that the space is limited at the moment and it is actually a function I find very useful.

And perhaps a security feature where if the notes are changed a password is required to save them.

But more room is definitely my biggest wish!!!



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We have different price structures for different clients and the only place we can think to put them is in the notes on their card file but there is not enough room.


Can any more space be added or is there somewhere where we can enter their prices for products in the system somewhere that we are not seeing.

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I agree, the amount of space currently available can be used rather easily with no other option/space to record further payroll information.