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Command Centre: Resize

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It would be great to have the ability to resize the Screens in AR 2011/2012.


For a start the ability to resize the Command Centre would be of great benefit particularly when using the product on a netbook/laptop.


"Screen Resize'

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

We understand this issue - if people can vote it will help us understand how much people encounter this problem and need it to be fixed.

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i got prescription glasses the other day but think I need them increased when trying to work in MYOB & not being able to change the FONT to a larger text when required.

My eyes aren't that bad but GEEZ guys - maybe you need to seriously look at this problem sooner rather than later.


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Would really like to have the ability to change the default font size for all screens, this is ridiculously small at the moment.  The ability for an individual to personalise it to their needs would be great.


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Thank you for your feedback KH456. While the ability to directly change font size isn't available in the current version, there is something that may make it a bit easier to read for now. You can change your DPI settings in Windows to 125%. Previously AccountRight would not display properly with these settings, but 2013.3 will. This won't just affect AccountRight though, it will affect all programs.

To have a look at this right click your desktop and select personalise. Click display on the left here. You should have three options here (100%, 125%, or 150%). If 100% is selected, select %125. This will make some (but not all) of the text larger and easier to read.

In the meantime our developers are continuing to work to make easier to view and use.

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How about you just fix your software!!

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Yes please give us MYOB users the ability to make the overall screen size with larger font available.  The earlier versions of MYOB had that ability, and being able to read the figures is a great time saver.  I wear glasses and find it extremely hard to focus on the small font.  Getting closer to the screen has a negative impact because my script is not designed for that purpose.  The sooner this is resolved the better.  Thank you.

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My Clients and myself are still waiting for this issue regarding the ability to change font sizes in the program to be addressed.

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An option to increase the font size needs to be implemeted ASAP. People with impaired vision are unable to use the latest MYOB. Previous editions had the option to make the font bigger, WHY DOES THE LATEST VERSION HAVE LESS FEATURES? This is a major problem that needs to be rectified NOW.

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I have a vision problem and the daily squinting at the screen is making it worse. I wonder if we need to get the Human Rights Commission onto this discrimination issue to get the problem fixed quicker? THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM

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We have just upgraded to 2014.3 and the display font size on screen is ridiculous!


I had this problem with the previous version but its even worse in 2014.3. Has this problem been fixed yet? The command centre is ok - its just once you click into an area like Sales register its very very small, and then to do an invoice even smaller????


Ive checked and yes the Controlpanel settings are at 125%. I tried increasing it to Large and that doesn't work.  Any other suggestions?


Yes I have voted for Screen Resize.


On a positive note i like that you can change the width of the columns in for eg. Sales Register.


Thank you.


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Maybe next version? Please! - only two years after it was originally suggested.