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Display: Distinguishing Multiple Company Data Files

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I frequently run several Company Data Files in a day, I'm sure this isn't unusual. However a number of my companies have very similar names. I was wondering if there is a setting that will change the background colour or change the colour scheme of the Command Centre to make it easier to differentiate between to company files quickly.


I am running MYOB AccountRight Plus 2011.


Thank you


"Distinguishing Multiple Company Data Files"

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Thanks for your feedback, I will share it with the product management team for their consideration.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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We run more than one business from the same office. This can be a tad confusing at times. Also, we sometimes have an old datafile open so that we can look up an invoice from 2 years back or similar; it's not unknown for us to then start putting a current invoice into an old datafile.


The solution? The facility to change the colour scheme in each datafile so they are easily identifiable. If the trading company came up with red colours, the family trust with yellow, and the asset company in greens, we'd instantly know which one we should be working on.


Is it a possiblity?



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When using MYOB the background colour of the screen needs to be a different colour for each company file. This should be able to be changed to assist in identifying which company you are working on, as a trigger when you have many company files with many staff using each company file, this would reduce the amount of incorrect entries in the incorrect company.  




Clearwater - back ground RED so you know its the test company

Actual Company - background gray

Additional Company 1 - back ground green

Additional Company 2 - back ground blue  etc

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Excellent suggestion.

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 Hi @Bounce & @Kelly81 


Unfortunately your excellent suggestion already exists as a "new idea" that is under consideration on this link Distinguishing Multiple Company Data Files; it was posted nearly 3 years ago on 21/5/2012, has 13 votes and is "Under Consideration".


If the idea is ever going to have a chance at getting implemented it needs many more votes and comments such as yours.


Please vote for it by clicking the "+ Vote" icon and add your comments; suggest you do a copy and paste from what you have already posted into the existing idea on the abovementioned link.


Thank you.

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Hello @TonyLane ,


I've voted.


Sorry I don't have time to go through every idea on the forum and vote on them otherwise I would.



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Hi @Kelly81

Thank you for taking the time to vote for that Idea. As indicated by @TonyLane the more a votes an idea has the higher chance of it being investigated and implemented

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I would like to see customisable colours for different MYOB company files. I use two that have very similar names and am always worried I will enter information into the wrong one. Seems like a basic thing to me. Why has it taken so long to do? 

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Hello @Autogates 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to the customised colour of the company file. The development team do need to prioritise the request with the new features in the new releases. They have been notified of the feedback in regards to your request.


If there is anyone else out there that would like to see this come into AccountRight please vote and comment.


Kind regards,



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I have 3 companies set up in MYOB.

When all 3 are open, it is difficult to know which is which on the tool bar. It would be really helpfull to be able to change the grey screen to other colours so that you dont put the data into the wrong company which Ihave done many times.