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Display: Distinguishing Multiple Company Data Files

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I frequently run several Company Data Files in a day, I'm sure this isn't unusual. However a number of my companies have very similar names. I was wondering if there is a setting that will change the background colour or change the colour scheme of the Command Centre to make it easier to differentiate between to company files quickly.


I am running MYOB AccountRight Plus 2011.


Thank you


"Distinguishing Multiple Company Data Files"

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 Thanks PMO1968  you read my mind I was thinking about this the other day as I too keep posting things in the wrong files if I have more than one open dangerous Smiley Frustrated   Would be good to even be able to change the colour of the MYOB icon on the toolbar so when it is on the toolbar you open the correct one.

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We really need different colour screens to tell the difference between company files. When you work with a few different company files each day, it does become confusing and can lead to errors, which are time consuming to fix.

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Hello there,


I agree with all tose who have suggested a better way to identify multiple open files.

I have clients who may have 2, 3 or more different company files open at the same time.

Here are some suggestions -


Have a preference setting to enable a specific background coloued to be selected and applied to the open screens. Perhaps to just the grey outer background.


or - what about a light watermark across the screen? Again turned on in Preferences.


wouyld this be one of those 1% fix jobs?




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We are running 4 companies which use very similar GL coding so we do have any issue distinguishing the companies when we are in a hurry.

Being able to have them a different colour would make life so much easier.


We use Accountright Standard NZ 2016.3.0

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Has there been any progress on the idea of different background colours to idenify different comoany files?



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Would also like to know if there’s been any progress as the amount of times I type into the wrong company file is ridiculous. 

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How easy would it be to change the background colouring of the main page and/or Command Centre for each company? This would be particularly helpful for Partners, and Clients who have multiple files open at a time to differentiate which files are which so there is no confusion.

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This would be so helpful.

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MYOB should be able to have a way of being able to distinguish between data files. 

This would be of tremendous help to those who work with multiple files.

Can we please get this done?

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can this be actioned please, just rolled over FY and payroll year, going back and forth checking, have two screens and still stuff it up.  

different colour would be great.


I use different fonts for different companies but for ease of recognition colour is better