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Display: Update colour scheme





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The new versions of MYOB  (as this forum page) uses purple and varying shades of grey. There is insufficient lack of distinction between fields.


The colour scheme used in the older versions of MYOB made eye transference simpler and less tiring on the eye.


Consideration for a more user freindly colour scheme would be greatly appreciated by the multitudes.


"Colours in MYOB"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2013

Based on customer feedback we changed the colour of the reconiciled (ticked) line in the bank reconciliation screenin version 2013.1, it is now much easier to distinquish between a shaded line and a ticked line. This release is available now. Also another tip that some people have found useful is that you can drag the tick column to the far right so that it is right next to the amount, some find this easier as it means your eyes do not need to scan from left to right as much.

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The text colour for the GST in Purchases is black until an amount is entered. It then changes to light grey which is very hard to read. Can this be changed so that all text remains black throughout?

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could we please have options for the colour combination we have overall for MYOB?  I find the pinky/purple appearance is difficult to work with so would be great to have the option to find a colour scheme that works with my apparently aging eyes!!