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Email: Ability to set senders email address for Outlook





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the fact that Myob automatically uses Default email account in Outlook is totally wrong move.

Lets say that we have 5 email account in OUTLOOK, default is FRED@ and the one that I need to use for Invoicing is ADMIN@.


I am sending invoice via MYOB that will automatically use FRED@ in my Outlook. Does that make any sense? NO. It does not.

How hard would that be to configure MYOB to be able to set whatever account in my OUTLOOK will be the MYOB account?


I know that your answer is going to be this: You can set default ADMIN@ and when you use OUTLOOK without MYOB, you can choose your account FRED@ manually.

This would be very unproductive and very hard to manage.


The reason why you have to make the feature ,, CHOOSE OUTLOOK EMAIL ACCOUNT,, available is that people can use appropriate outlook email account with different email signatures. 99.99% companies have multiple emails.


Please let me know what you think....:-)

Have a good day



"Outlook Email Default for MYOB"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: November 2016

Hi Everyone
Thank you for your feedback and comments relating to the idea.
With the release of online emailing for AccountRight 2016 the development of emailing for AccountRight has headed in a different path. This particular idea is something that we might consider in the future but at this stage we are not actively considering or developing. You can find more information into Online Emailing via Set up AccountRight to send emails

Once again thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

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I'd like to suggest finding a way to allow users to choose their own default reply email address and/or email management program.


For instance, in my day-to-day work I have an email address relating to my employment in that role. I also happen to use Outlook when doing that job. For my own business I use a different application and I also have a completely different email addres, which relates to my business identity. I use my laptop most of the time for everything, whether doing my paid job or pursuing my own business.


Because MYOB uses Outlook by default, I have sometimes sent out invoices or statements to clients who are no doubt confused because my address seems unconnected to my business. Not to mention the fact that it's embarrassing and a bad look for me to record email traffic on my employer's email account, when it has nothing to do with it.


It's very inconvenient to have to change address details in Outlook every time I need to do accounts for my business. Surely it could be made much easier by allowing me to choose the program I want to use, with the email address I have for my business. How hard could that be? I can't be alone on this point.



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I agree as many people have multiple email addresses in your outlook profile.

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Great idea! I totally agree with you on this point. Smiley Happy

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Especially if you want to manage more than one company file, it would be much more convenient for each file to have a specific sending address associated with it.


It's not like it would be hard to implement. Either check the user-requested sending address against the available MAPI stores and use the matching store for sending (using x-MAPI), or just use SMTP directly and allow users to input specific outbound email server details and send mail that way. The lack of this feature is just developer laziness really.








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Hi, - MYOB email software sends a PDF of the invoice etc via the default email address in Outlook.  Bad idea....We need a patch to change this option... My outlook has over 10 deferent emails for different companies etc, so ever time I send an invoice etc it have to keep changing the default in outlook and back again...


Many times I forget to do this and clients ring up asking if  my has company changed names etc and I have to explain that MYOB software isn't capable of changing defaults in its on software and I have to keep defaulting outlook,,,,, This explanation not only makes MYOB look unprofessional but its frustrating, and time consuming for me..


I am sure your developers can add a patch so the default email is set in the MYOB software and then when the email is sent, it connects to outlook using that defauult email chosen and not outlook email.  There is other email marketing software does this and don't default to outlook and goes via the chosen email.


Can this be looked into please.

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Hi @AndyB 

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.

Your idea has merit but unfortunately a 'new idea' already exists for the same issue; it was submitted on 28/3/2013, please see this link Email choices and it has already received my vote.

Please vote and add your comments to it.


Thank you.


Best Regards

Tony Lane - Penguin - Tasmania

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Agree 100% as I fed up changing several items a day my default outlook back and forth and when I do send by mistake I have to explain to the client the issue with MYOB and then they also complain about the same issue...Need to be fixed and have option within MYOB software.

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I've been asking for MYOB to use SMTP for over a year.


Just imagine, this would allow the users to:


- Set up different e'mail profiles for different company files.


- It would support sending the same email to multiple receipients.


- Users who do not use Out Look would be able to get the benefits of automated emailling.


All things that many people are asking for.



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There are two suggestions here:


1. Allow the user to set a default outgoing email address. My suggestion is that this is stored in the user access record, because each user could have a different company email address. This gets my vote. I also think it would be easy to implement, and would encourage all users to have their own MYOB login.


2. Develop MYOB's own smtp server. I'm not qualified to comment on this isue.

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We have a few different businesses set up as different company files on MYOB.


Unfortunately the default email for all of them is the same.  We have called your help line and have been told there is no way to change this.


It would be better to be able to choose a different default email for each company as our suppliers/staff/customers can get confused when they receive an email from a company name they don't recognise.


Thank you