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Email: Ability to set senders email address for Outlook





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the fact that Myob automatically uses Default email account in Outlook is totally wrong move.

Lets say that we have 5 email account in OUTLOOK, default is FRED@ and the one that I need to use for Invoicing is ADMIN@.


I am sending invoice via MYOB that will automatically use FRED@ in my Outlook. Does that make any sense? NO. It does not.

How hard would that be to configure MYOB to be able to set whatever account in my OUTLOOK will be the MYOB account?


I know that your answer is going to be this: You can set default ADMIN@ and when you use OUTLOOK without MYOB, you can choose your account FRED@ manually.

This would be very unproductive and very hard to manage.


The reason why you have to make the feature ,, CHOOSE OUTLOOK EMAIL ACCOUNT,, available is that people can use appropriate outlook email account with different email signatures. 99.99% companies have multiple emails.


Please let me know what you think....:-)

Have a good day



"Outlook Email Default for MYOB"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: November 2016

Hi Everyone
Thank you for your feedback and comments relating to the idea.
With the release of online emailing for AccountRight 2016 the development of emailing for AccountRight has headed in a different path. This particular idea is something that we might consider in the future but at this stage we are not actively considering or developing. You can find more information into Online Emailing via Set up AccountRight to send emails

Once again thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

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I agree - I run two companies, and at present have to always pdf invoices from the 2nd company as that company has a different email address.

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MYOB could certainly establish their own SMTP server. I'm not sure if SmartyHost is still part of the MYOB group but they can certainly do email hosting.


In any event, the option to select the desired 'from' address within the company file is the best option, rather than needing to constantly change the default account in Outlook.


It really is a no brainer, and I hope the team at MYOB would just get on with it, rather than wait for the votes in this forum to compile, which they undoubtedly will.

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Great idea.  Very very sensible.  So many people work from home and laptops with multiple email addresses.

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Hi @FredV,


Thanks for your suggestion. We do see how being able to select which e-mail address from Outlook the AccountRight software should use to e-mail out with would be beneficial for our clients.


Anyone else who would like to see this feature implemented into future releases of the software, please vote for the idea by selecting the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.




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I am a bookkeeper who has supported 4 clients move over to the Cloud over the last 2 months, but this function really lets the software down.  I can now do anything for them on the laptop and my clients are saying how much time they are saving.  But emailing from my laptop is a probem when I have this many clients.  I am sending/receiving from there email but MYOB lets it down. 

I am not willing to change my home default email address due to the second warning that comes up when I follow the steps from Support Notes. 

Under 'How do I set the default email address?' and the Step 4.

I fully support the comments made by @FredV

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Hi @BYBookkeeping

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your comments with the team.

I have also seen you have posted on Change default email I have responded to you further there in regards to the message you are getting from your email program.

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I don't even understand why we need to send through a 3rd party email client at all. It's very outdated technology. Most other payroll systems email payslips directly from the software. I encourage MYOB to update this feature.

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Hi @Bek_Lightmare


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea,

AccountRight currently uses Microsoft Outlook to send emails. The team have been looking into the emailing options of AccountRight and the way it emails. This should allow for a great range of email programs to be supported. At this stage we are still looking those options but it something that the team is investigating.

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This is very annoying.  I use my everyday business notebook to run MYOB to administer an unrelated  Football Club as treasurer.  Before every invoice is sent i have to change my default account and signature in order to have the email come from the right email address, then change it back afterwards.


Too many times i have forgotton and they go out as my work email.

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Hi @CraigG,


Thank you for your feedback. 


Currently our developers are looking into adding the option of emailing from AccountRight, instead of relying on email programs such as Outlook, hopefully it would present you with more options.


The earliest release for this feature will be the first quarter next year, which may be subject to change. We will post updates on the forum when we have more details.