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Email: Ability to set variable fields [Name]

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You can set the default email message for sending out statements, quotes, etc., but what we need is a way to insert fields, so that the emails can work like a mail merge.  E.g."Dear [[Name]]", where [[Name]] would automatically be replaced with that company's contact's name, which would be stored in the MYOB database.


One of the problem with the generic emails that we currently send out, is that they sometimes look like spam (to the recipient's spam filtering software and sometimes to the recipient themselves).


Could also be useful if you could use fields in the default email subject also.


(We're using AccountRight Premier 19).

"Fields in default email"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2020

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2020.3, the following email variables can be used on sale based email messages by adding to it to the default message:


• {{your_business_name}}
• {{your_business_email}}
• {{your_trading_name}}
• {{your_business_phone}}
• {{your_business_website}}
• {{customer_full_name}}


• {{customer_business_name}}
• {{invoice_number}}
• {invoice_total_amount}}
• {{invoice_amount_due}}
• {{invoice_date_of_issue}}
• {{invoice_due_date}}
• {{purchase_order}}
• {{foreign_currency_code}}

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Not sure if this is the forum to ask, but I am on a roll, so I will mention it anyway.  I know MYOB can do Mail merge letters, can this also easily be done electronically i.e. for sending out bulk emails for marketing correspondance (but not invoices)?

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Hi all


I was wondering if anyone know how to personalize an email when send say an invoice or payslip , to include the first name in the email , ie Dear John?




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Thank you for the idea. This idea has already been raised with us here: To make your vote count, please vote using the above link. Thanks
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Thanks for the excellent suggestion. Anyone else who would like to be able to add fields from within the company file itself to email messages, please add your vote to this suggestion. Please also comment with the specific fields you would like to see. For instance customer names when emailing invoices, or employee names and the pay period when emailing payslips.
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This is definitely functionality that needs to be added to MYOB - most correspondence happens via email nowadays, and it makes sense to be able to email a letter or promotional page directly from MYOB as the existing database already has all your customers emails in it.


I've tried to work around the current setup by customising the existing format, but this is not ideal.


Could someone at MYOB look into this & let me know if anyone is working on implementing this idea.


We need to be able to maximise the data in MYOB for use in marketing campaigns alot more easlily.



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Thanks for your feedback and voting for this idea on the AccountRight Idea's Exchange.

All ideas are passed on to the development team to gage an indication of what clients are needing and request as part of their AccountRight software.  Also the voting system on an idea also gives an indicate of the demand for the idea. The more votes an idea has the more demand there is and the higher chance of it being implemented ahead of another idea.

As to a timeframe, we can't give an exact one for the ideas posted on the Ideas Exchange as we do need to assess each idea and the demand for that usage before implementing it into the product road map. 

I still encourage users to vote and comment if required on this idea if they would like to see it implement in the program.

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I've been searching for a way to do this as well. I definitely think this is something MYOB should have. I email my account overdue reminders and it's a tedious process at the moment! It would be so much easier if I could "Mail Merge"to email. 

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It would be great to be able to set the email defaults to include fields other than the invoice number field.


For example, the journal memo, comment or customer PO no.





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I agree,

I would like to see a box you could tick to allow the journal memo to be the same as (or defaulted to ) the description on the sales invoice. So when you run a statement it has appropriate summaries of what the customer bought or what job it was for.

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We URGENTLY need this additional option/function!


We have a range of companies/customers that we do work for on a regular/scheduled basis and they are very particular/strict with how they want to recieve invoices via email (because they have so many sites/jobs that they manage they need the customer card name included to avoid having to open each email/invoice from us to identify whom to forward to).

It takes us (and three other Myob business users that we peronally know) approximately 2 hours or sometimes longer just to send our invoices because we have to open each individual invoice first, then click/select to send via email, then we have to COPY & PASTE the customer card name into the subject line of the email in front of/before the Invoice number and then we can finally send it! It's ridiculous! Surely if the invoice number can/does automatically appear in the subject line by default in the email (when sending invoice via email) than you can make it/include that we are able to choose/have preference to select/include the customer card name in the subject line also if we wish????


Our lives would be changed forever! because we would not waste so much time!!

It would mean that we could then just go into print/email invoices select all our invoices (from date range as currently possible) and send them all at once!!! Let Myob send them/do the rest!


I hope this all makes sense because we really need this! PLEASE CAN YOU DO THIS!!??


We URGENTLY need this additional option/function!