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Email: Attach multiple files to an invoice email

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Currently when sending an invoice from MYOB AccountRight, we would like the ability to send more than one attachment to an invoice.


We are able to hit the Attach button, although after selecting one file to attach, the attach button is greyed out.


How can we work around this please or can you update the functionality to attach more than one file please?




Nathan Elcoate

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2023

Hi Everyone

Using the AccountRight Browser interface the user can add multiple attachments to an invoice for an email. 

The AccountRight Desktop application would allow for one additional attachment (plus the invoice).

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Good morning


I would like to be able to attach more than one document to an invoice when i am emailing it.  Some of our customers need a subcontractors statement and a copy of our work dockets with our invoice.




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I vote for this.

I believe this is actually part of a larger issue - that MYOBs Email sending capabilities simply don't include many features that Outlook offers. This is why i made a suggestion to add a setting to get MYOB to compose the Email in Outlook, but NOT send it (at the moment it composes the email in Outlook and sends it automatically with no way to stop it or change it) - this will allow the user to modify the contents, add attachments, etc.


Here's a link to my suggestion made a while back, although unfortunately it didn't gain any traction:

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Went from v19 to 2016 so accounts team could use the attach file feature. Then we realised it only allows one attachment.


You're almost there! Smiley Happy

Sure .zip is OK, but some mail servers and spam fitlers don't like 'em.

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It would be useful to be able to attach more than one document to an invoice being sent from MYOB Accountright.




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Since our additional files are always PDFs we're currently getting around the one file limit by merging the PDFs together before attaching. This works fine, but it's still an extra process and may not be applicable for everyone - esepcially if you're trying to attach different formatted files or if you would prefer for them to be seperate documents rather than a merged PDF.


Just an idea which may help someone in a similar situation

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When sending invoices I need to attached at least 3 documents to invoices each and every time i email invoices(Certificates of Currency, Public Liab and Workers Comp as well as Subcontractor Statements).

We can currently only attach 1 x document.  This is frustrating and a significant shortfall in the system.

I would like to see this update.

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We need to attach numerous documents to each invoice, Xero had no problem with this, but MYOB cant do it.  We need to be able to attach much larger numbers of docs to invoices.

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 Clients are loving the attachment ability when sending emails as they can attach documents etc.  We would now like to have the ability to attach more than one attached?  Can this be considered in the next update?

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We urgently need the ability to attach more than one document when sending invoices as we have multiple service reports that must be sent out with the invoices.



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We would love to further the need for more attachments!!!

MYOB techs is there another way to do this using your program or is an additional program needed eg emailing it to outlook & attaching documents (This can be very time consuming) 

thanks !