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Export to Excel: Cell formats of date, debit/credit amounts and other columns

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There is no excuse why MYOB reports cannot be exported to excel or any other programme format in the correct formats for that programme. Not just as text across all columns. In MYOB a date column will always be a date. In a debit, credit of balance columns the data will always be a $ value. In other columns there may be general numbers and finally text. It just poor programming to say you cant export in the correct formats. how hard is it to work that out. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are considering switching to Xero. Lift you game MYOB. About time a programmer came out to real world and see what happens at the "coal face"


"Exporting to Excel"

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I thoroughly agree with this request. It iis annoying that when you export a report to Excell  and then you try to to manipulate the data, you cannot as the exported mumeric data has been formatted as text. You then have to format the numbers yourself as numeric.There should be an option that allows you to determine how you want numbers exportred either as numeric or as formatted data. It is NOT rocket science to make these changes but as you say, programmers do need to appreciate what useers really want.


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Thanks Ken_M I thought it was just me and I try everything to convert and still nothing, I am trying to run a report I have to manually re-type every entry only way it will work.  If you have any work around tips please let me know.



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So agree with this.  I am having no end of trouble with imports and exports because of this