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Find Transactions: Ability to search for quotes

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In the previous 19.6 version i could locate a quote using the find transaction icon.


in the new online version i can do this for orders and invoices but not quotes.


I recieve now a lot of sales confirmations via email and often the customer sending the deposit or confirmation information is not the same customer listed on the quote, so it is important to have the quote number which is normally in the subject line, if they simply hit reply.


the only way i can find the job is to type in this number.  now i must find quotes in the sales register and as such if it is a month or to ago, this can provoke a lengthy time consuming search.


can you re-enstate the finding of quotes from find transactions please.


keith Phasey

Managing Director

NT Blinds



"Find transactions - quotes"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

Great idea submission Keith. It's great to no only understand your idea but also why other options, such as using the register, just doesn't meet your needs.

May I also suggest trying the Sales Register Detail report. You can customise this report to only show for a specfic Invoice/Order/Quote #. Once you have the report displayed on screen, you can then zoom into the required transaction.


I have also registered your suggestion to provide a means to easily search for a specific Order or Quote #. Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi Steven,


Thank you for that information, but sadly often we don't know the ID of the customer as all we have is the quote number to go on.


The only other way to get around it quicker, at present, is to open the sales register and sort the quotes by number.  Although this works, it is still time consuming and frustrating.


Hopefully MYOB will, sooner than later, return the quotes to the find transaction window Smiley Happy




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Hi @DeeRoss 

The From ID and To ID that would select in the Advance filters of that report would be the ID of the transaction i.e. the quote number/invoice number in the program.

In saying that the sorting of the Quote tab in the Sales Register is another possible workaround as well.

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bieng able to easily locate quotes is also very important to me - I cannot believe it was removed since it was always avaialbe in previous versions - please fix sooner rather then later...

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I too am feeling frustrated that I can no longer search for quotes in the latest version - quite often we only have quote numbers given for direct deposits etc. 

Suggestions around this are still time consuming compared to the function "find transactions"


I hope this will be changed in the near future.


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Just thought I would share another workaround that has not been mentioned, Go to Sales>>Sales Register>>Quotes tab>>Select a suitable date range or customer (if you are unsure of that information select All Customers and an extended date range 01/01/1900 to 31/12/9998) You can then select CTRL + SHIFT + F  after selecting a record in the table. This will bring up the Advance Search option where whatever you entered the program will search for in the quotes tab. This would allow you search for an amount or customer or ID number.

This is an additional workaround that can be used while this idea is still Under Consideration. At this stage we are still encouraging clients  to still vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Saved quotes are often difficult to find once they have been saved. The ability to search saved quotes would make life easier.

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I recently upgraded two clients from MYOB Premier 19.11 to Accountright Premier V2016.2 and they have also now lost this functionalitty to search for quotes, which they use allday everyday. Can you please re-instate asap.

As a company that provides quotes to all customers before they agree to go ahead with the job, it makes using the new version of MYOB not a pleasant experience and now they are question why did they upgrade.


Please bring back searching for Quotes ASAP.

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Hello Kerry,

One of the things I love about the new myob is the ability to sort lists by clicking on the column header.

While it is not the complete answer that you are after with searching it helps.

If you have the Sales Register open on the Quotes Tab then you can sort by Customer or by quote number or by date etc. It is then an easy matter to find the correct quote and deal further with it.



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When will the option be available to search by quote number - it is so time consuming and frustrating in particular when clients are on the phone who have upto 12 different quotes,  bank deposit references are quote numbers, I dont understand why it was taken off this version.

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i just posted a similar post - being able to select which fields are available to see in the windows,  but deffinetly should be an option



in the find transactions window   you can search by invoice number - but this just brings up invoices only - not Quotes


Either let the system bring up the quotes as well  when searching for invoices   or  have a seperate tab so you can search quotes only.