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Find Transactions: Ability to search for quotes

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In the previous 19.6 version i could locate a quote using the find transaction icon.


in the new online version i can do this for orders and invoices but not quotes.


I recieve now a lot of sales confirmations via email and often the customer sending the deposit or confirmation information is not the same customer listed on the quote, so it is important to have the quote number which is normally in the subject line, if they simply hit reply.


the only way i can find the job is to type in this number.  now i must find quotes in the sales register and as such if it is a month or to ago, this can provoke a lengthy time consuming search.


can you re-enstate the finding of quotes from find transactions please.


keith Phasey

Managing Director

NT Blinds



"Find transactions - quotes"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

Great idea submission Keith. It's great to no only understand your idea but also why other options, such as using the register, just doesn't meet your needs.

May I also suggest trying the Sales Register Detail report. You can customise this report to only show for a specfic Invoice/Order/Quote #. Once you have the report displayed on screen, you can then zoom into the required transaction.


I have also registered your suggestion to provide a means to easily search for a specific Order or Quote #. Thank you for the feedback.

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Yes please I have the same problem and it is a long process trying to find quotes through the sales register.

Please add find quote in the find transaction to save me heaps of time

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Please can you escalate this - anyone searching for a transaction should be able to find it by just entering the number like it was in the old version. Why was this method removed? All we did was click on the white arrow and it would open up the transaction immediately - and now when you type  the number in it does not even go anywhere near the number - like it does not even exist??

It is extremely frustrating to not find a transaction when it exists in the system. PLEASE PLEASE can you make this happen?

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This is a great suggestion! We upgraded recently to Account Right Online and you can only look up orders and invoices in find transactions whereas before we could look up quotes as well. This is very now very time consuming as most of our customers don't tell us if it is a quote / order or invoice. You go to find transactions first, nothing comes up if it's a quote and now you have to go to the Sales Register. Very painful when you have a customer on the phone and it takes you like a few minutes to just pull his details up. Really needs to change!! 

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Please MYOB, bring your AccountRight Plus AU 2017.2.0 Live up to date with previous "non live" AccountRight Premier versions.  This is so frustrating when customers phone with a quote number to go ahead with to have to find it through the sales register, rather than "find transactions".

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Any update on this? Would really like to be able to find quotes. 

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When using find transactions it would be very helpful if it displayed all transactions such as quotes and orders.